Your back straight!

A stooped person with a bowed head looks like a loser and a mumbled. These words, spoken in time, the child can remember for life. And they will seem to him more convincing than the notation about a straight back and straightened shoulders.

According to a person who has been studying the possibilities of physiotherapy exercises all his life, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation
Sergei Khrushchev, correct posture is not given to us from birth, as many people think. This is a conditioned motor reflex, and it must be developed. For children to run, walk, stand and sit beautifully, parents will have to make a lot of effort. By the way, correct posture is not only beautiful, it is also functional, because with it the body position is the most stable: the vertical posture is maintained with the least muscle tension. This means that when the child stands upright, straightened his shoulders, he gets tired less. And if he walks, runs or jumps, while maintaining good posture, the spine absorbs the load in the best way.

Poor posture makes it difficult for breathing and blood circulation, and good posture accordingly keeps them normal. With poor posture, oxidative processes in the body are reduced, and this automatically leads to the fact that a person gets tired faster both during physical and mental work. Poor posture can lead a child to myopia or osteochondrosis. And good posture can protect you from these troubles.

Good posture rules

It is necessary to build up the “muscle corset” for the child. Good posture is inconceivable without evenly developed muscles. “Muscle corset” will save even those who are unlucky with heredity, who inherited weak connective tissues from their parents – harbingers of flat feet, myopia, stoop …

It is necessary to monitor how the child sits, it is worth, to correct him, if he slouches, slumps. Let him stand against the wall, touch it with his heels, calves, buttocks, shoulder blades and head. The spine is straightened, the shoulders are deployed, the shoulder blades are drawn together, the stomach is pulled in, the buttocks are tense. Here it is – the correct pose! The body must remember her.

It is worth paying special attention to the posture when writing, reading, any work at the desk. The child should sit so that the legs, back, arms are supported. The height of the table should be 2-3 cm above the elbow of the child’s lowered hand when he is sitting. The chair height should not exceed the shin height.
If your feet do not reach the floor, you need to substitute a bench so that the hip and knee joints are bent at right angles. The back should be in close contact with the back of the chair, keeping the lumbar curve. So that the distance from the book to the eyes does not exceed 40 cm, it is better to put the book on the music stand, then you do not have to tilt your head.

Parents need to make sure that the child does not develop flat feet. A flat foot disrupts the correct support function of the legs, the legs tire quickly, the pelvic axis tilts and posture is impaired. Too soft bed is harmful for children. The mattress should be flat, firm (hairy or grassy), the pillow should be small and low. The bed is so long that the legs can be extended freely. And children who already have a curvature of the spine will have to put the mattress on a board made of boards or a sheet of thick plywood. That considerable part of the day that falls on sleep, the spine should feel comfortable, and a hard bed is comfortable for him.

Reasonable mom’s steps

It is worth thinking about the beautiful posture of the child while he is still in the stroller. You cannot carry a baby on the same hand for a long time – it is not useful for its back. At one and a half to two months, you need to start giving your baby a general strengthening massage and continue until a year.
You cannot put a child in pillows when he is not yet ready to sit, it is not recommended for him to stay in a folding stroller with a sagging bottom for a long time, and also to learn to walk ahead of time. But crawling is useful – it greatly strengthens the muscles of the neck and back. It is also worth teaching the baby to sleep on the right side, but not curled up. This position will allow the muscles to relax.

An older child should not read while lying on his side or on his back with a large pillow under his head. For school, it is better for him to buy a knapsack, not a portfolio, and go with it at least until the sixth grade. It’s never too late to work on your posture. Even at the age of 15-16, you can still correct your back so that you will not see a curved spine in your clothes. True, this will require significant effort and training under the guidance of a doctor.

For proper posture it is useful:

* Ride a bike with the handlebars high.
* To swim.
* Shoot a bow.
* Ride a horse.
* Do exercises on a vertical plane: stand up against the wall correctly, and then alternately take your arms and legs to the sides, rise on your toes,
squat …
* Wear various objects on your head: cubes, pads filled with salt, sand or sawdust. Without dropping the pads, walk on toes, on bent legs, squat, crawl on all fours, go up and down the Swedish wall …
* Train coordination of movements: do a “swallow”, stand on one leg, walk on a log …

It is not useful for correct posture:

* Ride a bike with a bend low to the handlebars.
* Ride a scooter.
* Do some sports, for example, those where you have to do asymmetric movements (tennis, badminton, fencing), lateral curvature of the spine may occur. Boxing is not useful (the boxing stance leads to a stooped back and round back) and acrobatics, artistic and artistic gymnastics – these sports make the spine excessively flexible and mobile, which in the future can have a bad effect on posture.
* Stand or jump on one leg for a long time.
* Lift weights bent over.
* Hold the load with outstretched arms.

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