Effective herbal medicine for arthrosis of the hip joint

In most cases, osteoarthritis of the hip joint affects one joint. The first symptoms of the development of the disease are pain in the groin and buttock, which goes down the thigh in the side or front of it.

Arthrosis does not spare either men or women after 40 years. The resulting pain is similar to pain in the intervertebral hernia. But still, these are different diseases, because. pain caused by a hernia can go down to the foot, while with arthrosis only up to the knee. At the initial stage of the development of the disease, pain is slightly felt, lameness and characteristic clicks in the joint appear.

Few people pay attention to these symptoms, hoping that everything will pass. Personally lulling his vigilance, a person does not even suspect that the disease, albeit slowly, begins to progress. After a while, movement restrictions appear. If earlier it was not difficult to take a big step, now it is simply impossible to do so. The same thing happens if you try to spread your legs wide. Arthrosis of the hip joint at an advanced stage has to be treated for a very long time. Treatment of the disease is very expensive.

This article will talk about one of the methods of treating a disease that is not associated with traditional medicine. It’s called phytotherapy. People living in their own homes have probably seen grass in their garden, which is called ordinary satiation. Maybe someone made herbal tea out of it, throwing a handful of satiety into a teapot for brewing. It turns out that this herb brings a lot of benefits to the human body.

You can make an infusion of common satiety along with tricolor violet, and the benefits of this drink will be even greater.

An excellent remedy for arthrosis is fresh burdock leaves, which must be applied (wrap if possible) to diseased joints. The root of this plant can be used either as a powder or as an infusion. It is useful to mix the powder with honey in a ratio of 1: 1 and apply to the joints. But nothing compares to the effectiveness of fresh burdock juice.


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