Why migraine occurs, causes of migraine

Migraine is a common chronic and neurological disease, but public awareness of migraine remains low. Those who are prone to migraines know that the condition negatively impacts quality of life and robs them of productivity by taking up hours of work. What are the triggers of migraine and whether it is possible to influence them – the answer is in this article.

Causes of migraine

The occurrence of migraine attacks is associated with a combination of many factors.
Experts say that a significant part of the cases of this specific headache is associated with genetic causes – it was found that the proportion of such attacks is up to 50%. The development of migraine may be due to the presence of several genes within the family.

The hormonal component has a greater effect on women than on men. About half of women reasonably believe that migraine depends on certain segments of the menstrual cycle. Other factors included menopause and pregnancy.

In addition, often this pathological condition is caused by lack of sleep, sleep disturbances and nervous strain. Excessive sleep, like lack of sleep, can cause an attack.

There are other factors

Among them:

  • hunger, cravings for caffeinated drinks (coffee, cola, tea, energy drinks) and dehydration;
  • physical activity – both their absence and excessive passion;
  • alcohol abuse and smoking;
  • consumption of chocolate and cheese.

Migraine triggers are individual for each person. Those who are prone to seizures do not need to give up a certain set of foods. In addition, some causes, such as hereditary ones, cannot be eliminated. Migraine drugs can also have diametrically opposite effects. A neurologist specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of migraine.

It is impossible to determine exactly which of the above causes will provoke a migraine – therefore, it is advisable for people prone to this painful condition to keep records, tracking their well-being. This will help in identifying personal triggers.

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