What is the risk of slouching?

It is unlikely that you often come to mind how your back looks from the outside, and most likely you rarely try to straighten your back, walk slouched, under the weight of everyday difficulties. Meanwhile, posture is key to how we are seen and perceived by others.

Traditionally, in the families of aristocrats for centuries, noble offspring were trained to keep their posture and sit with a straight back, since a crooked back, as a rule, gave out people from the lower classes, who were subject to regular heavy physical labor and were in a subordinate position. Those who were lucky enough to count themselves among the privileged upper class needed to maintain a regal posture that provided a proud appearance.

Today, we don’t pay as much attention to the straight back as we used to

However, without realizing it, we often draw conclusions about a person based on their appearance, including how they “carry”themselves.

A straight back immediately completely transforms a person. For women who tend to worry about how slim their figures look, it’s always a good idea to keep their posture in mind. It is only necessary to “straighten up”, as the bust immediately seems visually larger, the hips are slimmer, and the stomach immediately becomes like a balloon. Proper posture always suits the ladies!

Even if you don’t care so much about your appearance, it’s worth considering the health consequences of an incorrect back position. Walking or sitting for a long time with a crooked back has a negative effect on the internal organs. First, damage is done to the organs of the chest cavity: the heart, lungs, and diaphragm. Secondly, the cervical vertebrae are under constant stress, and the accumulation of such stress interferes with the proper blood supply to the brain.

So why don’t we keep our backs straight?

There are several reasons for this phenomenon. As a rule, poor posture is the result of poor heredity or injuries received during childbirth. In addition, posture is also affected by incorrect seating at the desk, which is usually formed at school, where the student has to sit for hours at uncomfortable desks (often out of size) or at the computer.

Whatever the reason for a crooked back, it is necessary to eliminate this bad habit. If not for the sake of aesthetics, then at least not to add to this emerging health problems. Here we must remember that age is only a hindrance to attempts to correct posture. It is easiest for children to place the spine correctly, but for adults it will take a lot of effort and time. Although this is not an easy task, you need to understand that if you practice regularly, then everything will definitely work out. And you can dilute monotonous exercises with massages and visits to an osteopath, and then the results will not be long in coming.

The most difficult thing here is to keep your back straight for a long time

Weak muscles that are not used to such loads will initially be reluctant to work. It should be understood that muscles that are used to a relaxed stoop need time to get stronger.

To get rid of the bad habit of slouching your back, you need time and the right attitude. The main thing is the right motivation and sincere desire to improve the situation and then you will definitely succeed!

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