What does a neurologist treat?

The profession of a neurologist has a fairly broad profile. This specialist is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases affecting the autonomic nervous system.

Violations requiring an appeal to a neurologist

It must be understood that a neurologist does not interfere in the psychiatric sphere, a person who does not have special knowledge, often cannot distinguish between these two specializations. That is why the attending physician sends to the neurologist if there is a suspicion of a profile disease. The most common problems treated by a neurologist include:
• a variety of headaches;
• problems with the spine;
• diseases of internal organs of a neuralgic nature;
• vegetative problems, etc.


The causes of headaches can be very different. Most often, problems are caused by high blood pressure, which leads to overfilling of the vessels of the brain. Because of this, a headache occurs, but it will be treated by the local doctor, and in especially difficult cases, a cardiologist.

In cases where a headache is caused by a violation of the functionality of the nervous tissue, migraines occur. A neurologist is already dealing with these problems. It is this pathology that is most often found in adults, according to statistics, more than two thirds of the population suffer from it. In this case, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between pain syndromes caused, for example, by schizophrenia, which psychiatrists deal with.

Osteochondrosis and radiculitis

These diseases are caused by autonomic disorders that occur when injuring nerves with bone tissue of the spine or intervertebral discs. The nerve bases come out of the spinal cord, and when they are irritated, the organs that they penetrate are disturbed. As a result, the patient feels pain in the back, chest and extremities, sometimes the sensitivity of the skin and even paralysis is lost.

All of the above symptoms are the reason for contacting a neurologist. He will diagnose and prescribe treatment for the identified autonomic disorder. However, similar symptoms can be the causes of other diseases, which is why it is important to consult a specialist.

Intervertebral hernias most often occur in people who work hard physically. This disease leads to severe irritation of the spinal nerves and related problems, including:
• diseases of the pelvic organs;
• severe pain in the legs;
• violation of the sensitivity of skin sites;
• sciatica.

All these pathologies should be examined by neurologists, he prescribes treatment, sometimes he connects other specialists.

Disorders of the central nervous system

There are a number of symptoms in which you need to see your doctor as soon as possible, who will send the patient to a neurologist. Frequent appearance of the so-called “flies” in the eyes, which is a sign of disorders with the vestibular apparatus. For problems with the cerebellum, accommodation is observed. You need to contact a neurologist for sleep disorders.

Studying what to treat a neurologist, you need to know that this specialist works with very serious illnesses, as a rule, with other specialized specialists. Such diseases include stroke, often developing as a result of hypertension. Meningitis and encephalitis, which can have a different etiology.

Autonomic dysfunction

This concept combines a wide range of health problems in which the functionality of several organs is impaired, and for no apparent reason. In this case, the appeal to a neurologist will be most effective. For example, the treatment of cardiac colic by a cardiologist will not bring the desired effect without consulting a neurologist. With vegetative devices, the following symptoms are most often observed:
• difficulty in taking a deep breath;
• interruptions in the work of the heart;
• constipation and pain in the intestines;
• frequent urination;
• excessive irritability and emotionality.

Such conditions are also dangerous in that they can lead to psychological problems. However, in the initial stages they are treated by a neurologist.

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