Vertebral hernia prophylaxis and treatment

As you know, prevention is better than treatment. The best prevention of hernia

on the spine is the implementation of the rules of a healthy lifestyle, reasonable physical activity and the rejection of addictions. Although often a prerequisite for the formation of a hernia of the spine is banal osteochondrosis.


Efforts should be made to combat osteochondrosis as a possible cause of hernias. If a vertebral hernia has already occurred, you will have to tune in to a long-term serious treatment with possible surgical intervention, so you must do everything possible so that it does not form.


Rules for a healthy spine:


Find a competent doctor of physiotherapy exercises, who individually for your spine will select the necessary complex of strengthening and corrective exercises. Perform them regularly. Swim as much as possible.


In periods when it is impossible to avoid an increased load on the spine (pregnancy, hard work), it is necessary to wear a corset or bandage. Such ailments as disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, obesity or persistent cough can provoke hernias. Be sure to consult doctors – specialists in these pathologies.

With periodic large physical exertion, everyone needs to follow some rules of a healthy spine:


  • The mattress and pillow should be rigid, orthopedic.
  • Since childhood, everyone knows that the back should be straight when sitting, looking straight.
  • Rising from a chair or bed, take the weight of the body not with your back, but resting on your hands.
  • Leaning over the load, start lifting not from the back, but unbend and straighten the legs.

The rules of healthy exercise


To prevent the development of vertebral hernias, you must follow the rules of physical activity. It is forbidden to hold and lift heavy shells in straight hands. To lift the weight, you should take the position of the half-seat, and straighten the legs, holding the load as close as possible to the body. The load should be distributed evenly in both hands or use a trolley.


The best device for carrying loads over a distance (especially important for schoolchildren) is a backpack with wide straps with adjustable length and a double back. Those who already have osteochondrosis can lift a load of no more than 10 kilograms.


For prevention, it is very important to engage in general strengthening procedures, such as dousing with warm and cool water alternately, and other tempering procedures. Wearing shoes with a steady low heel is recommended. Women who can not do without high heels, it is advisable to minimize walking time in such shoes to a minimum and at the first opportunity to change it to a more comfortable one.

Pay attention to exercises on flexibility and mobility of the spine daily. This will serve as an excellent prevention of hernia formation. With a constant load on the spine, you need to rest regularly, lying down for several minutes, stretching on a hard surface or stretching on the crossbar.


However, without consulting a specialist, you cannot perform exercises for the spine on your own if you have already been diagnosed with a hernia of the spine.


Neurology and hernia of the spine


Stress, nerve stress leads to malnutrition of the vertebral discs and can be one of the reasons that provoke the appearance of a vertebral hernia. Cigarette nicotine thins the walls of blood vessels, which disrupts the supply of nutrients to all organs and systems of the body, including the spinal disc.


Vertebral hernia therapy


If the preventive measures did not live up to expectations, and you still have a vertebral hernia, be patient for a long treatment period. There are methods of reflexology, special exercises, physical therapy, reflexology. It is necessary to regularly carry out measures to prevent and treat vertebral osteochondrosis, which can cause vertebral hernias.


Take care of your spine: do not overload it, especially in an upright position, avoid abrupt tilt and rise, especially with a load. Beware of injuries: falls, bruises, sharp concussions can provoke a hernia of the spine.


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