Thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis

Thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis. How to stop spinal degeneration? Innovative technique

Osteochondrosis is a complex of negative changes in the joints. Most often affects the spine. This is an absolutely normal condition for a person aged 60 years and older, but not normal for a 20 or 30 year old.

Osteochondrosis can occur in any part of the spine, but we will consider in this article a more rare – thoracic osteochondrosis. Although it is most often combined with lumbar.


Short and clear about the reasons

Osteochondrosis, in simple terms, is the “rusting” of the spine. The dialer is able to withstand colossal loads, but if they are distributed evenly. If not, a certain part wears out faster, and the processes of osteochondrosis develop there .

For example, a person is sitting incorrectly, stooping, intervertebral muscles are excessively tensed – in one place of the thoracic region, the load is projected onto the edge of the intervertebral disc, and not on the whole.

Several years of such chronic tension of the paravertebral muscles and the disk wears out, is deformed, its nutrition is disturbed (osteochondrosis develops). That is, for him 2-5 years, as 25 years for the rest of the body.

Or a person lifts weights a lot at work or in training. It greatly overloads the muscles, they are cramped, stop taking the load, certain intervertebral discs regularly overload and also wear out quickly.


It is worth noting, in any case, the main reason for the occurrence of thoracic osteochondrosis is the incorrect functioning of the muscles. Improper posture initially occurs due to spasm of some muscles and weakness of others. Weight lifting also spasms the muscles, and only then (when the muscles stop taking on the load) destroys the spine. That is, in the treatment of osteochondrosis of the thoracic region, it is necessary to first treat the muscles.


What type of breast osteochondrosis do you have?

Thoracic osteochondrosis, like any other (lumbar, cervical), has 4 degrees:

  1. The first degree is characterized by malfunctioning muscles – they are cramped, quickly tired, can hurt, especially with a long sitting position or lifting weights.
  2. In the second degree, the intervertebral discs begin to collapse. Protrusion begins to appear, the back gets tired faster, a feeling of discomfort and pain occurs more often. It is already necessary to work out and relax the paravertebral muscles.
  3. During the 3rd degree, hernias appear – the fibrous rings of the intervertebral discs are strongly deformed, part of the disc begins to put pressure on the neurovascular bundle. Often there are severe acute pains or burning in a certain area of ​​the thoracic or lumbar region. Many patients begin to be treated only at this stage. Here, even with advanced techniques, the course of treatment is several months.
  4. At stage 4, almost the entire spine is destroyed – the vertebrae are displaced, osteophytes appear, part of the intervertebral discs are completely destroyed. The pains practically do not stop (they can disappear at rest, and that is not always the case), the back becomes tired with a minimum load. START spinal treatment before this stage!

Symptoms and causes of breast osteochondrosis in men and women are the same.

How to be effectively treated at home using a professional technique?

Thoracic osteochondrosis from 1 to 3 degree can be effectively treated at home. At the same time, it is worthwhile to understand that this disease is chronic, and you can’t completely get rid of it. But you can remove all the negative symptoms in the form of pain, fatigue, and “forget” that there is this problem.

It is also worth considering that up to 40 years of age, osteochondrosis is exacerbated by a lifestyle. And without changing in this direction, therapy (5-10 procedures) must be taken regularly – once every 3 months. It’s most effective and cheaper to do it yourself at home.

The main principle of effective therapy

Effective treatment is based on the normalization of muscle work and their strengthening. First you need to remove the spasm of the intervertebral muscles (it is the root cause of thoracic osteochondrosis). To do this, you can use the complex of exercises with the help of the Cordus device, which has proved itself in Europe and the USA.

This device is based on autogravity technology. Its essence is that the force of influence is determined by the person’s own weight. This allows you to safely practice at home.

Exercises on Cordus are relatively simple – you need to alternately lie down with each part of the spine on the apparatus and calmly observe how the muscles of the spine relax after 2-3 minutes, even long-spasm relaxed in 3 minutes. The main thing is to relax and rearrange the Cordus apparatus in key areas from the neck to the lower back. The whole procedure will take no more than half an hour.

It is important to work out the entire spine, since only complex therapy can be effective. At the end of the procedure, three exercises are performed to fix and stabilize the optimal position of the vertebrae.

Cordus relieves spasm, improves blood circulation and restores intervertebral discs due to 2 mechanisms :

  • Activation of proprioreceptors . This is the most effective muscle relaxant. Proprioreceptors, when applied locally to the muscle, send impulses to the nerve center, which gets tired in 2 minutes and then ceases to maintain tension in the muscle. The muscle relaxes even with spasm. That is, their forced activation makes the muscle relax.
  • Stretching the muscles and spine . The device is immersed between two vertebrae, which allows you to smoothly stretch the muscle and eliminate disk compression by slightly increasing the distance between the vertebrae. This removes the load from the intervertebral discs, allowing them to recover. The distance between the vertebrae increases, protrusion and hernia are pulled back.

The device is recommended by fitness trainers, osteopaths, neurologists and chiropractors. It is also actively sold in Slovakia, Spain, Mexico, France, USA, Czech Republic.

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