The spine corset is an important element in the correction and treatment of the spine

The health of the spine depends on many factors: correct posture, balanced nutrition, useful and harmful loads. The condition of the spine determines to a large extent the general well-being of a person and readiness for the development of various diseases.

With systematic back pain, it is necessary to undergo an examination and follow the doctor’s instructions. Timely detection of violations enables full recovery. As part of a comprehensive program to improve the health of the spine, specialists often use various corsets.

What is the use of a corset for the spine with osteochondrosis

Aging tissues of the spine, an unhealthy lifestyle, excessive stress on the back lead to degenerative changes in the discs and vertebrae. Sagging of the disc, associated with its deformation, can disrupt the natural arrangement of the vertebrae. This creates tension in the muscles, injures the radicular nerves, and provokes pain.

For osteochondrosis, different designs of corsets are used. A properly selected device, depending on the location and depth of the problem, can provide significant support to the spine.


  • If the patient undergoes manual therapy procedures, then after that the corset prescribed by the doctor will fix the position of the spine for a certain time and relieve the back muscles.
  • The corset will help maintain the vertebrae in the correct position in case of disruptions in the discs.
  • The device relieves the stress on the intervertebral discs during treatment.
  • The use of a corset helps to restore the correct position of the spine and internal organs, which may suffer from dislocation disorders of the vertebrae due to the disease.
  • Some types of corsets have a local warming effect. At the same time, an improvement in blood circulation occurs in this area of ​​the spine. This effect contributes to a more complete nutrition of tissues and their regeneration.
  • During complex treatment, the use of a corset will help reduce back pain and speed up recovery.

Indications for wearing

The device, fixing the spinal column, relieves the tissues surrounding the problem area and brings relief. Use a corset only after consulting a specialist.

The corset is recommended in case:

  • After surgery, it is prescribed to wear a corset to fix the position of the spine. This makes it possible to achieve earlier rehabilitation.
  • When worried about all kinds of pain in osteochondrosis.
  • To have a corrective effect on posture in order to prevent the progression of osteochondrosis.
  • Frequent loss of consciousness and dizziness with cervical osteochondrosis.
  • With muscle weakness in a certain area of ​​the spine.

Main types

Devices for their purpose are:

  1. Corrective – corsets that help maintain correct posture to warn the spine from scoliosis and prerequisites for osteochondrosis. They are used to prevent and correct deviations from the norm. If a person sets a goal to improve posture, then he can purchase a corrective corset for himself in the store, choosing a device exactly in size.
  2. Fixing – produce different degrees of rigid fastening of the body. This type of device is prescribed only by a doctor and is selected individually.

Corsets are distinguished by their ability to fix:

  • In case of a spinal fracture, during the rehabilitation period after surgery, hernias, it is required to make a restriction in movement. Strong fixtures can be used. Rigid corsets have no elastic inclusions.
  • If the corset is worn for prophylaxis under heavy loads, with osteochondrosis, then a corset with fixation of medium strength is suitable. Such corsets contain plastic stiffening ribs.
  • Corrective devices are made with the least degree of fixation, they can be soft. These products are free of solids.

The variety of devices for supporting the spine is caused by a large number of disorders that can be with the spine and each case has specific requirements.

Classification of corsets by spine

  1. For cervical
    Use in case of:

    • injuries
    • osteochondrosis of this zone in the acute period,
    • after manual therapy,
    • if the neck muscles are not strong enough.

Their design is similar to the collar. The neck brace is made more rigid than other neck support products.

  1. For thoracic or thoracolumbar
    They are used:

    • with damage to the vertebrae of this department,
    • after surgery,
    • with osteochondrosis.

The device is made in the form of a vest, fitting a figure of elastic material. Inside the corset is reinforced in a special way with plastic or metal. The product fixes the correct position of the spine. The clasp is located below the chest.

The orthopedic corset, due to the rigid ribs, provides support in the problem area and relieves the area around the sore spot. As a result, the soreness of this place disappears, blood circulation improves, and the recovery process takes place more intensively. The corset reliably supports posture.

  1. For lumbosacral
    Assignment for use in this area:

    • osteochondrosis,
    • rehabilitation field of operation,
    • insufficient muscle tone in this area.

Corsets are equipped with devices for fitting them to the figure. The corset design provides rigid inserts made of plastic or metal, the main material is dense fabric.

Some more about some types of corsets:

  • A plaster corset belongs to a type of rigid products. They are used when dealing with fractures. Do not use plaster cast for the cervical spine.
  • An extension corset is recommended when it is necessary to restore the height of the vertebra during the rehabilitation period. The product plays the role of an unbending element.
  • A medical corset can have an additional, more special purpose, for example: anti-radiculitis with a warming effect. It is equipped with inserts that create a warming effect.
  • The magnetic corset is designed to correct slouching. It is made of a material with a light elastic structure. Experts have provided implanted magnets in its design. Such a device has a beneficial effect on all tissues of the body, restores the natural magnetic field of a person. Increases immunity and the ability to heal itself.

Contraindications to wearing

If the patient suffers from osteochondrosis and at the same time is carrying a child, then the use of a corset is not recommended for her.

Selection Tips

If a corset is selected in order to improve posture, then the main thing is to determine the size that matches your parameters. Because a product that sits loosely does not cope with its task. A tight corset makes it difficult for blood to circulate.

In case of a disease of the spine, the type of product and its stiffness are prescribed only by a specialist.

He will take into account:

  • all the characteristics of the patient,
  • the severity of his condition,
  • what material should the product be made of,
  • how many stiffening edges
  • do you need insulating inserts,
  • the size of the patient.

How to dress and wear correctly?

Experts have verified the exact rules for using a corset:

  1. The doctor’s recommendation for the time of wearing the corset should be followed During treatment, it is necessary to consult with him about adjusting this time.
  2. The product is put on thin clothes so as not to get chafed places.
  3. Avoid drafts for a while after using the corset.
  4. When putting on a corset for the first time, you should limit the wearing time to 15 minutes. Gradually increase the duration of wearing every day.
  5. Do not use a product that does not fit.
  6. The duration of the course is 1 ÷ 3 months.
  7. You cannot go to bed in a corset for a night’s rest.
  8. The total duration of treatment with a corset during the day should not exceed six hours.
  9. It is necessary that the product is well-fitted to the figure.
  10. Determine the mode of wearing so that the corset is put on when lifting weights.
  11. You cannot use a homemade product.
  12. You cannot wear a corset without special need, this can lead to weakening of the muscles.
  13. Put on the product strictly according to the instructions.

Where to buy and prices

Corsets are sold in pharmacies and specialty stores of medical equipment. Their cost is different depending on the materials used and the manufacturer.

Product type Approximate cost, rub.
Magnetic corset 600
Orthopedic corset (chest) 950
Lumbosacral 3800
Cervical 810 – 1530
Medical (warming anti-radiculitis) lumbar 3035

Reviews on the action of the treatment belt

Users respond positively to the results of using corsets. A decrease in pain signals is very quickly felt. Postoperative patients have the opportunity to shorten the recovery period.

Excellent results of wearing the healing belts. They have anti-radiculite insulating inserts, which makes them popular among people with the professions of installers, drivers, in workshops where drafts and it is necessary to lift weights.

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