The effectiveness of Kuznetsov’s applicator in the treatment of osteochondrosis of the spine

A fairly effective direction in the treatment of osteochondrosis is reflexology, which involves a point effect on certain areas of the body.

Reflexology promotes muscle relaxation and relieves spasms, eliminates painful sensations and restores blood supply to the affected areas.

One of the effective medical devices that eliminate pain and other symptoms of osteochondrosis is Kuznetsov’s applicator. This massager is especially popular among the population for its ease of use, efficiency and affordability.

What is Kuznetsov’s applicator?

The standard Kuznetsov applicator is a set of flat spiked plates fixed to a base made of fabric, elastic or rigid material.

These applicators come in a variety of shapes, depending on where they are to be applied:

  • In the form of a flat rug;
  • Wide belt;
  • In the form of a round or semicircular roller.

Today, there are many advanced modifications that have different sized spikes or magnetic inserts and other additions.

The photo shows Kuznetsov’s applicator in the form of a semicircular roller, used for cervical osteochondrosis

The impact of the needle applicator will be softer if the pins are small and very close to each other.

Indications and contraindications

The Kuznetsov needle applicator is most effective in the treatment of pathological conditions such as:

  • Lumbar pain;
  • Pinching of the nerve processes;
  • Soreness associated with arthritis;
  • Radiculitis;
  • Pain syndrome in the sciatic nerve;
  • Soreness in the knee joints;
  • Spasms and joint-muscle pain;
  • Tingling and numbness in the lower extremities;
  • For sleep disorders (insomnia, restless sleep, etc.);
  • To eliminate headaches;
  • Anti-cellulite;
  • Osteochondrosis of any localization;
  • Chronic neck pain.

In addition, the applicator has shown high efficiency when used against chronic fatigue, impotence, varicose veins, obesity, and sudden mood swings. Experts recommend using the Kuznetsov needle applicator for people engaged in sedentary activities to avoid blood congestion in the lower back and small pelvis.

Like any medical device, such a massager has a number of limitations in its use. You cannot be treated with Kuznetsov’s applicator for conditions like:

  1. Papillomas and tumor-like formations;
  2. Thrombophlebitis – an inflammatory process in the veins, accompanied by the formation of a blood clot;
  3. The presence of warts or moles in the area of ​​intended exposure;
  4. Blood clotting disorders;
  5. Skin pathologies (dermatitis, etc.);
  6. Fever
  7. Pregnancy.

Types – how to choose the right one?

Applicators are available in various modifications, although they work in exactly the same way.

But nevertheless, a massager should be chosen based on the pathology that is supposed to be treated.


This type of applicator is a surface with metal one-sided needles about a centimeter in height. This form of the massager is very convenient as it can be used for local anesthesia in certain areas.

Such an applicator is used to treat nervous system and cardiovascular pathologies, myositis, as well as to increase skin tone.

The metal applicator is suitable for people with a normal pain threshold and no skin lesions.


The Tibetan version of Kuznetsov’s applicator is made in the form of a rug, only the needles attached to it have two points. This massager is used to relieve pain symptoms, to improve cardiovascular, nervous system, respiratory activity.


These applicators look like needle mats, only they additionally have magnetic inserts. Thanks to the needles, vasodilation occurs, and magnets prevent thrombus formation and promote the activation of metabolic processes.

Neck and back cushion

This massager belongs to the varieties of the Tibetan applicator. It is designed to eliminate the symptoms characteristic of cervical osteochondrosis. In addition, it relieves fatigue and neck muscle tension well after a hard day’s work.

Often, a massage roller is used to treat the legs or lower back. It improves tone, relieves fatigue and tension, and ensures sound sleep.


This massager is also called the Nirvana rug. It is often used to relieve fatigue and muscle tension, and to relieve stress. Its needles have a therapeutic effect on the entire back area, therefore the range of applications is quite wide.

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The principle of action of the remedy

The secret of therapeutic effectiveness lies in the effect on certain points that are responsible for the activity of a particular organ.

The needle applicator acts on these points, thereby enhancing the exchange of intervertebral discs.

In addition, the applicator improves well-being, expands the capillaries, which gives a warming effect, restores the general blood supply and nutrition to the brain and spinal cord.

As a result of using a needle applicator, swelling decreases and the development of inflammatory processes in the affected area is stopped.

When using Kuznetsov’s applicator in the treatment of osteochondrosis, patients note a stable positive trend, manifested by the elimination of pain and improvement in general well-being.

When using the applicator in the complex therapy of osteochondrosis, it is possible to eliminate symptoms such as frequent dizziness and headaches, attacks of sudden weakness, as well as significantly increase the motor capabilities of the lumbar and cervical vertebrae.

How to use a needle applicator correctly for osteochondrosis: a brief instruction

Most often, Kuznetsov’s applicator is used in the treatment of various types of osteochondrosis.

If the patient suffers from cervical osteochondrosis, then the applicator is placed in the area of ​​the posterior cervical surface and collar:

  • You need to put a pillow, a foam rubber roller under the massager, or just press it down with your hands so that the pain from the needles is bearable;
  • In this position, you should linger for about a minute;
  • Then the needle applicator must be slightly displaced;
  • The total duration of exposure is about 6-7 minutes;
  • Such sessions should be carried out about 2-3 times a day until the pain and other symptoms pass.

For the treatment of thoracic osteochondrosis, the best option would be an applicator in the form of a mat, which is placed on a hard surface and rests on it under the scapular region. The therapeutic effect is carried out at the expense of the patient’s body weight.

The duration of the session in this case is about half an hour. The procedure is repeated daily at least twice for 14 days, then a break of one and a half weeks.

For lumbar osteochondrosis, it is recommended to use a massage roller: you can roll it along the sore spine or simply lie on it. You can also use a regular applicator, which is fixed on the affected area with an elastic bandage for about an hour.

To enhance the effect, it is recommended to move more, do twists or bends. The total duration of the course is about 10-20 days, after which experts recommend taking a weekly break.

How much do you need to lie on the rug?

As already mentioned, the total exposure time depends on the localization of osteochondrosis:

  • With cervical osteochondrosis, you need to generally lie for about 6-7 minutes, but at the same time you should move a little every minute;
  • With thoracic osteochondrosis, lie on the mat for about half an hour;
  • If osteochondrosis has struck the lumbar region, then the duration of one session is about 20-30 minutes.

Other areas of application

Since the principle of operation of the needle applicator is based on acupressure and acupuncture, which are used in the complex therapy of many pathologies, then the use of the device is not limited only to pathologies of the spine.

The needle applicator is used:

  1. To improve performance;
  2. Against headaches;
  3. To relieve stress and eliminate insomnia;
  4. For the normalization and enhancement of sexual performance;
  5. In order to stabilize the digestive, nervous system and cardiovascular activity;
  6. For getting rid of excess weight;
  7. In order to reduce pain in the muscular-articular tissues.

Use during pregnancy: benefits and harms

According to the instructions, Kuznetsov’s applicator is contraindicated in pregnancy, but in the early stages of pregnancy, gynecologists may recommend it in order to improve the development of the fetus and for normal blood supply to the uterus.

For pregnant women, you can fix the applicator on the lower back, as well as use it on the thoracic spine.

Before starting treatment with a needle applicator during pregnancy, it is imperative to consult with an obstetrician-gynecologist, since the use of a massager can cause an increased uterine tone, which often becomes the cause of spontaneous miscarriage.

Which is better, Lyapko’s or Kuznetsov’s applicator?

According to experts, Lyapko’s massager has a more pronounced therapeutic effect. This is due to the fact that in addition to stimulating blood supply, Lyapko’s technique is based on an additional physiotherapeutic effect associated with galvanics.

In addition, Kuznetsov’s applicator is characterized by a more severe impact, accompanied by intense soreness, which not every patient is able to endure.

Where can I buy and prices in pharmacies

Similar products can be purchased at online massager stores or at a regular pharmacy. The cost depends on the type of applicator, base material, number of spikes, availability of additional elements and is 120-990 rubles.

Reviews of patients and doctors


I have known this massager since childhood. My mother also regularly used it to relieve cervical osteochondrosis. After using it, her head stopped hurting, and the pain in the spine disappeared. Over time, I forgot about him, and the pregnancy made me remember him, after which I was tortured by back pain. Only with a rug and was saved.


The Kuznetsov massager for me is an old and repeatedly proven way to relieve back pain. For many years I have been suffering from osteochondrosis, which recurs periodically. During such exacerbations, I also use the applicator. I lie on it every morning and evening for about 15-20 minutes, and so on for about 10 days. Enough to relieve osteochondrosis exacerbation. A wonderful thing. Cheap and effective.


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