Seven erroneous diagnoses that patients put on their own

The World Health Organization has officially adopted the concept of responsible self-medication. These steps were led by the irresponsible attitude of people to their health, ignorance of when it is possible to do without medical care, and when not. People tend to make their own diagnoses of various symptoms, prescribe treatment based on their own conclusions, as well as the advice of others.
Between a real diagnosis and an imagined one, there is often a huge gap. What are the most common diagnoses people make?

People tend to call it a headache of any origin. However, a genuine diagnosis of migraine suggests the presence of strictly defined symptoms that are characteristic only for this pathology.
This is a localized pain in one part of the head, and the foci can vary.
A person knows in advance about the approach of an attack, they are also very characteristic of migraine: persistent yawning, general weakness, lack of ability to concentrate. Visual precursors (spots, spangles), olfactory and auditory are possible, the intensity of which increases before the onset of an attack.
Attacks are accompanied not only by a heightened perception of light and sound, but also by nausea, reaching vomiting. The frequency of seizures can vary from one in six months to multiple, up to two times a week. The attack lasts a long time, from six to eight hours. The pain is very intense, constricting and throbbing. It can provoke intense physical activity or changes in the atmosphere. The disease belongs to the category of neurological pathologies, the origin is most often hereditary, mainly along the female line.
Most often for migraine people take a severe tension headache. The headache of tension is caused by such causes as prolonged tension of the neck and head when performing a monotonous work, prolonged physical or intense emotional stress. The pain of tension is not as strong and severe as with a migraine. People who do not know the intensity of pain during a migraine perceive their headache as a migraine.
With a headache, tension can be alleviated with a normal walk, quality rest or massage of the occipital and temporal region. These actions have no effect on headaches caused by migraines.

From time to time, all people experience times of depression, sadness, and bad mood for no apparent reason. In fact, they are determined by a long chain of turmoil, overwork, and people tend to classify this condition as depression. This is a mistake: depression is a severe mental disorder which only an experienced specialist can confirm.
The diagnosis of depression can be suspected if a person suddenly has:
• Touchiness
• Closure
• Loss of love of life
• Anxiety
• Low self-esteem
• Feeling worthless
• Physical weakness
• Sleep disturbances
• Susceptibility to infectious diseases
• Appetite disorders
• Digestive
disorders • Genital disorders.

A prolonged lack of medical intervention results in dire consequences. Depression does not go away on its own.

Vegeto-vascular dystonia

Until recently, a patient with a set of symptoms such as pressure drops, nervousness, headaches was given a similar diagnosis. But a more vague diagnosis in medicine does not exist. Each individual symptom can be a sign of a separate, rather serious disease, and requires a serious attitude. This disease does not exist.

Invalidating pathology, which is characterized by the destruction of cartilage between the vertebrae, a decrease in their size, severe pain. It will not work without serious long-term treatment, often surgical. Confirmation of such a diagnosis requires a serious examination. It is wrong to give out any back pain as osteochondrosis.

When a person is faced with cases of distraction, memory impairment with age, he calls these phenomena sclerosis. Sclerosis has nothing to do with these conditions.
Sclerotic changes can occur in any organ or tissue of the body. So, replacing organ tissue with a denser connective tissue is called sclerosis of this organ. Affected people of all ages. Reasons – from circulatory disorders to metabolic disorders.

This is what people call back pain. And this is a mistake. Rheumatism is a complex pathology of an infectious – allergic origin, proceeding acutely, accompanied by joint pain, impaired functioning of the heart and blood vessels. To make this diagnosis, a number of studies and analyzes are required.

Vitamin deficiency

Avitaminosis is not a temporary deterioration in well-being, weakness, decreased ability to work, drowsiness, are traditional manifestations of the off-season. This is part of the marketing ploy of pharmaceutical companies trying to win buyers of vitamins and supplements. Fortunately, the level of civilization, medicine of our time exclude such a diagnosis. Even in the most budgetary foods with enough variety, enough vitamins to keep the body normal.
Vitamin deficiency as a disease is very dangerous, causing severe metabolic disorders. It is provoked by monotonous nutrition for a long time or in too scanty portions. For example, scurvy is a disease of prisoners, sailors, for a long time who are in isolation from a normal lifestyle and food.

We conclude:

Sclerosis is not forgetfulness, depression is not just a bad mood. But the misconception in diagnoses is not scary in itself. It is sad when a person tries to solve serious health problems himself, guided by such a “self-diagnosis.” Not only time may be lost, but also irreparable damage to health.

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