Rules for playing sports with diseases of the spine

Exercising involves a lot of stress on the athlete’s body. Exhausting workouts for several hours a day, adhering to a special diet and rhythm of life, all this requires a lot of strength and health from the human body. Constant physical activity injures various parts of the spine. The consequences are impaired posture, the development of osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthrosis of the joints, as well as injuries and bruises of muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues of the back. Sometimes a disease can make a person leave sports. However, by observing certain rules for playing sports , radical measures can be avoided.

Choosing the right sport

Before deciding on the rules for sports , you need to decide on the sport. Almost all sports give a big load to the spine, as a person must constantly move and develop his physical skills. If a person with a disease of the spine has a choice, then it is better to avoid sports associated with weight lifting and causing a lot of stress, such as throwing spears, weightlifting, wrestling, high jumps. Also, in the acute state of the disease, you should not choose such games in which you need to sharply turn the body, such as tennis and golf. On the other hand, they can help develop back flexibility and strengthen muscles, so if the disease is in a calm stage, these sports will help keep the spine in good shape.

Do not overwork

Many sports cause a great passion among athletes. For example, football, volleyball or hockey. Falls, bumps and jolts to which players are exposed are a great risk of injury, especially for those people who already have spinal injuries. Therefore, do not forget that a winning attitude is, of course, good, but you should not get carried away very much. Sometimes a calm attitude and common sense can increase the team’s chances of winning more than overstrain the emotional and physical forces, which can lead to injury and loss to players.

However, directing all his attention and energy to the game, a person often forgets about his health. Therefore, people with spinal diseases should not choose team sports. But if it is impossible to deny yourself this pleasure, do not forget the rule of playing sports for team players – always think sensibly.

Analysis of the causes and consequences of the disease

Usually the development of the disease entails a deterioration in athletic performance and human achievement. Due to pain and lack of mobility, an athlete cannot overcome his records. But it happens the other way around: a disease can appear if a person understands that his abilities have worsened (the cause may be age-related changes or the onset of any disease, for example), and begins to give unnecessary stress to the back.

Useful sports

Useful activities for people with back problems include jogging through the forest (or other places where the soil under your feet is soft, which allows you to reduce the impact on the spine), cycling, skiing (but not skiing, which increases the risk of injury) swimming. Swimming is generally the best way for people with spinal diseases. Water can reduce the load on the spine, while strengthening the muscles of the back, but it is almost impossible to get injuries in the water.


Any person with a disease of the spine should consider visiting a masseur as a rule of sports . Therapeutic massage can help a speedy recovery if the disease hurts a person. Sports massage will help to avoid damage to muscle tissue and joints, as well as reduce body fatigue. It can be carried out before training to warm up the muscles, and then to relieve tension. However, a doctor should prescribe a massage, because for various diseases of the back there are different restrictions and contraindications.

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