Programmed electromyostimulation or EMS

This method has proven itself in restorative, sports medicine and cosmetology. It is very simple and its meaning lies in the fact that impulses ( biopolar ) are applied to the desired points on the patient’s skin. They have the required frequency and shape. It is 4-120Hz, and the current strength is up to 80 mA . This is how we force the muscles to contract.

If you had serious injuries, operations, you could not move for a long time, then this method will be quite effective for you. You can restore your muscles tone and make them stronger. But with all this, your joints will not be overloaded, as well as the cardiovascular system will be normal. Also, this technique will help increase your muscle mass if you are actively involved in sports. It is used by many athletes and bodybuilders around the globe.

Our clinic uses this technique if necessary:

  • – the patient suffered radicular -compression syndrome (restoring muscle tone),
  • – the patient is being treated for peripheral cuts, due to neuritis of different localization, on the recommendation of a neurologist ,
  • – a child or teenager undergoes complex treatment for postural disorders.

The course of such treatment can consist of eight to fifteen procedures, the duration of which is from fifteen to forty minutes.

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