Prevention of flat feet in children

As soon as the baby gets to his feet, the formation of his feet begins. The correct formation of the foot involves the formation of horizontal and vertical arches of the foot, which are designed to perform the function of depreciation in the process of walking. If these arches are not formed correctly or are completely absent, i.e. flat feet develop, there is a danger of spinal overstrain, which can lead to disorders of posture, pain in the neck and lower back, osteochondrosis, arthrosis and arthritis. In order to avoid these disorders, it is necessary to prevent flat feet in children from a very young age.

During the first year after the birth of a child for the prevention of flatfoot, it is necessary to conduct sessions of therapeutic massage of the whole body, the prevention of rickets. In addition, if a child has neurological disorders, then the baby should certainly be shown to a pediatric neurologist.

Active prevention of flat feet in children begins when the child begins to walk. Firstly, the prevention of flat feet in children is the right quality shoes. A child’s home should not be worn with socks or allowed to run barefoot. It is better to purchase special light and comfortable shoes for the home. It is good if the shoes are made of genuine suede or soft leather. Shoes should securely fit the child’s leg, but not pull it.

To provide your child with maximum walking comfort, it is necessary to carefully check the inside of the shoe for thick seams. Size is also of great importance.


Of course, the main criterion for correctly selected children’s shoes is the sensation of the child himself. Parents should pay attention to how freely the child can move in the chosen shoes, and whether there are any traces of removed shoes on the legs.

Walking barefoot is also an excellent prevention of flat feet in children. When walking with bare feet, the child not only protects against flat feet, but also relieves stress and heaviness from the legs, and this is very important in maintaining high immunity. However, walking barefoot has its own subtleties. For example, children should walk barefoot only on uneven surfaces, such as river sand or rocks, grass and a special orthopedic rug. If there is nothing suitable at home, then you can simply pour stones in a wide basin of round small size and ask the child to walk along these stones a little in the form of a game.

An excellent prevention of flat feet in children is the massage of the legs, since the foot has a huge number of nerve endings that are responsible for the condition of almost all internal organs.

Prevention of flat feet in older children can be a “medical” game. For example, you can walk with your child on toes or on your heels, on the outside and on the back of your feet.

Prevention of flat feet in children is effectively carried out using a small round stick. On it you just need to roll your legs. The Swedish wall will play a very important role in the prevention of flat feet, since it can be used to carry out a huge number of developmental and general strengthening exercises.


Any kind of therapeutic gymnastic exercises will have an even more positive effect in combination with water exercises. Cool water not only tones the skin and muscles of the feet, but also tempers the children’s body.

To prevent flat feet in children, put special orthopedic insoles in children’s shoes. The areas falling on the arches of the foot are laid with massage balls that train the muscles of the foot.

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