Pillow for cervical osteochondrosis – how to choose the right one

Degenerative damage to the tissues of the cervical spine poses a threat to the health of the whole organism. In order not to worsen the situation, to create conditions for its normalization, attention should be paid to night rest. In this theme, a thoughtful choice of pillows plays an important role.

It should be clarified that a properly arranged bed for sleeping does not cure osteochondrosis. If the disease is in an acute stage, you should consult a specialist and undergo treatment.

The pillow must be selected for the purpose of prevention and the intention to prevent the progression of the disorder.

What should be a pillow for cervical osteochondrosis

During the night’s rest, care should be taken that the body is able to relax all tensions of the muscular corset. The pillow should be chosen so that the position of the head is comfortable.

The muscles support the spinal column during wakefulness and protect it from unintended migrations of its elements. During sleep, the muscles relax, and the spine loses the protection of the muscle corset.

If there is a tendency to osteochondrosis or the disease is present to some extent, then a person in a dream may experience discomfort and pain. After waking up, he feels not rested, and with a headache.

The vertebrae that are not supported by the muscles can move. Arteries that run on both sides of the neck and feed the brain can become pinched. This situation leads to oxygen starvation of the brain during sleep and to undesirable consequences.

The task is to organize the bed in such a way that in a dream:

  • the natural curves of the spine were respected,
  • the head was at the level of the spine,
  • the vertebrae were comfortably supported,
  • the muscles could relax and rest.

For the cervical spine, the right choice of pillow is an important point. She must provide the described conditions and promote good rest.

Paying attention to the selection of a pillow is also useful for healthy people to prevent the onset of spinal disease. Doctors determine that sleeping on an incorrectly chosen pillow can provoke the onset of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.

Types and material of manufacture

Pillows are:

  • ordinary,
  • orthopedic.

Regular pillows are less suitable for people with osteochondrosis. They are required to abandon feather fillers. Studies have shown that ticks feel good in such a filling, they are allergenic.

If it is not possible to use an orthopedic pillow, then when choosing a regular pillow, it should be taken into account that the filling of the pillow can be made of material that:

  • does not go astray
  • restores shape,
  • not allergenic,
  • can be cleaned.

These materials include holofiber This filler is also used in the manufacture of orthopedic pillows.

For these products, other high-quality fillers are also used, which make it possible to sleep comfortably on them:

  1. Bamboo fiber provides air circulation and is highly hygienic.
  2. The cooling gel has the ability to correctly distribute the load.
  3. Latex is an environmentally friendly material that meets the requirements of a filler for pillows used by people with cervical osteochondrosis.
  4. Buckwheat husk is a particularly useful filler. Its use provides a person not only with comfort, because under the weight of the head, the pillow easily follows its contours, but also the effect of a massage with particles occurs, which improves blood circulation.
  5. Independent mini-springs – the product adjusts well to a sleeping person, providing a comfortable sleep.

There is another type of orthopedic pillows, which are made of material with a memory effect. It takes the shape of the body from its pressure and heat.

When the product is released from the load, it slowly returns to its original form. The pillow is very comfortable to use, but it cannot be washed.

Main selection parameters

Experts have determined that the selection of a pillow for sleeping has several criteria.

  1. The degree of hardness. This indicator depends on the position in which the person likes to sleep. The most recommended sleeping positions for people suffering from osteochondrosis and those who look after their health – on the back and on the side.
    • For people who prefer to sleep on their backs, the pillow is medium hard.
    • For those who like to sleep on their side, they choose a hard pillow.
    • For sleeping on the stomach, use a pillow softer than in previous cases.
  2. The form.
    • The roller can be regular and in the form of a crescent. The latter option is only suitable for sleeping on your back. A regular roller is good for supine and lateral positions.
    • A rectangular pillow is recommended by specialists in compliance with the following rules:
      the neck and head are located on it, the shoulders should be lower. A dent forms under the head, and a bolster under the neck.
  3. Dimensions.
    • The main parameter is the height of the pillow.
      • It is calculated individually. Measure from the base of the neck to the end of the shoulder. Correction for the mattress pushing is added – about two centimeters. It turns out the size of the pillow in height. Depending on how much the mattress used can sag under the weight of the body, you can make another specification for the size of the pillow in height. This value is used to select a product for sleeping on the side.
      • For the supine position (if this is the preferred position), the height of the pillow is taken equal to nine centimeters.
      • For sleeping on the stomach, the product is chosen with a height below nine centimeters.
    • Size according to the width and height of the pillows. Products with a length of seventy centimeters and a width of fifty centimeters are considered convenient. There may be slight variations in size.

How to choose the right orthopedic pillow

This type of product necessarily has a roller:

  • a rectangular pillow is made with two rollers at the edges or with one,
  • crescent,
  • the cushion is ordinary.

To choose a product for yourself:

  • It is necessary to determine if there are established habits in the position of the body for a night’s sleep. For example, for a supine position, consider a crescent bolster.
  • The height of the roller for the orthopedic pillow is determined according to the method already described.
  • Personal preference should be considered for the pillow. Before buying a product, it is advisable to lie on it, to feel how comfortable and pleasant it is.
  • The pillow should be purchased from a specialist store.
  • Before making a choice, it is advisable to find out the advice of a sales consultant.

Which is better?

  • If a person woke up the next morning in the same position in which he lay down in the evening and at the same time feels rested, then the pillow for sleeping is selected correctly, and it is the best for this person.
  • A pillow of insufficient height will force the person to put their hand under their head. Discomfort in the shoulders and neck will tell you that the pillow is too high.
  • You should choose a product with a cover made of natural textiles.
  • For people with cervical osteochondrosis, it is necessary to give preference to an orthopedic pillow with high-quality filler, for example, latex, bamboo or buckwheat husk.
  • The shape and parameters are selected according to their habits, taking into account the degree of hardness of the mattress and their size.6

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