Physiotherapy is an excellent assistant in the treatment of osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is considered a degenerative-dystrophic condition of the cartilaginous tissues of the spine, which are chronic in nature. With age, the process only gets worse, increasing pain appears. Physiotherapy was recognized as one of the best assistants in the fight against the disease , it does not give side effects, acts purposefully on damaged points without affecting other organs and tissues. These procedures gained their popularity due to the absence of pain and stress during the sessions, as well as the opportunity to relax.

The purpose of physiotherapy

The technique has been known for a long time, the effectiveness and beneficial effects are confirmed by the evidence of doctors and successfully treated patients of our clinic. The procedure is based on the impact on the damaged area with the help of various factors – high / low temperatures, light, magnetic fields, mechanical, electrical influence, using which you can stop the development of the disease and the disappearance of its vivid symptoms.

Thanks to the procedures, the following results are achieved:

  • painful sensations go away;
  • edema disappears;
  • inflammation is eliminated;
  • processes are stabilizing in the damaged areas;
  • blood circulation improves.

Possible contraindications

It is impossible to carry out physiotherapy if there is damage to the skin at the place of manipulation, as well as during pregnancy, oncological diseases, severe problems of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and acute nervous disorders.

Physiotherapy sessions

To begin with, in our clinic, the patient visits a doctor, undergoes a thorough diagnosis and receives prescriptions appropriate for the disease, which includes a mandatory course of physiotherapy for osteochondrosis. Our treatment process includes several methods of physiotherapy:

  • Zimmer PhySys is a universal device that allows you to carry out various types of exposure, for example, ultrasound + electrotherapy , electrotherapy + vacuum massage, or all three methods at once;
  • amplipulse therapy is a variant of electrotherapy by exposure to sinusoidal modulated current, which well activates blood circulation, metabolism in tissues and organs. Additionally, it should be noted that when the pain point is deep, there is an analgesic effect;
  • medicinal electrophoresis ( electrophoresis using bischofite ) – it has long been recognized that this mineral is healing for the joints, various elements of bischofite are introduced into the body using direct current;
  • Darsonval method – perfectly restores the functions of blood circulation in the tissues of the spine and metabolism, improving the sensitive sensations of the skin, which helps to respond much better to nerve endings and pass impulses. Additionally relieves pain symptoms by blocking the receptors of peripheral nerve endings.

The procedure appeared thanks to the French physiologist D’Arsonval . It was he who, back in the 19th century, determined the positive effect of high-frequency directional alternating current and established its therapeutic effect. During such sessions, the outflow of lymph, venous blood and blood circulation in general is stimulated, which also contributes to the rapid removal of slag compounds from the patient’s body.

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