Pain in the cervical spine

We all know the unpleasant pain in the neck. Sharp, sudden pain or a feeling of pulling, aching pain, or perhaps just daily discomfort: it doesn’t matter how you are suffering. The main thing is that these feelings poison your life. Let’s consider the main causes of this pain.


The most common cause is osteochondrosis. It often occurs due to incorrect body position. The following factors can provoke this situation:


– long work at the computer;

– uncomfortable sleeping position;

– incorrect posture, stoop;

– the habit of holding the phone with your shoulder;

– heredity;

– other factors.

Injuries, herniated discs, and muscle spasms can also cause pain. Hernia and injuries can cause disturbances in the functioning of nerve endings, and a person experiences pain. As for muscle cramps, they can occur if you sleep in an uncomfortable position. Sudden turns of the neck can also trigger a spasm. As a rule, in this case, the pain should go away within a day or two after onset.

Other causes of pain include the following:

– Stenosis of the spinal canal;

– Rheumatoid arthritis;

– Meningitis;

– Tumor of the cervical spine.

In any case , it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible, who will prescribe objective diagnostic methods, for example, CT of the cervical spine; and after reviewing the results, he will make the correct diagnosis.

Traditional treatment is based on an established diagnosis. Pain medications and physical therapy may be prescribed. According to the doctor’s prescription, a course of therapeutic massage is possible.

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