Osteochondrosis Treatment

Osteochondrosis is a disease of the intervertebral disc. This disease also includes processes associated with the growth of osteophytes, arthrosis of the intervertebral joints, protrusion and hernia of the disc. Today, more than 50% of the country’s population are faced with such a problem as osteochondrosis.

There are several types of disease:

– cervical osteochondrosis;

– thoracic osteochondrosis;

– lumbosacral osteochondrosis;

– cervicothoracic osteochondrosis.

The causes of osteochondrosis can serve a variety of factors. The most common of these are spinal injuries, metabolic disorders, a hereditary predisposition to the disease, a sedentary lifestyle, stressful situations, hypothermia, pregnancy, etc.

The first signs of osteochondrosis include frequent joint pain, headaches, and chest pains are often disturbed. If one or more of these symptoms is found, it is best to consult a doctor and undergo a full examination.

Currently, there are a huge number of effective treatments for osteochondrosis. These include procedures such as massage, acupuncture, manual therapy, vacuum therapy, physiotherapy, traction, reflexology and others. Only a full examination will the doctor prescribe a course of treatment suitable for the patient.

It should be added that recently, as an alternative to the treatment of osteochondrosis, the author’s technique of Dr. Bubnovsky is gaining immense popularity. This technique is based on kinesitherapy procedures, which use special simulators designed to treat spasmodic muscle tissue.

As a prophylaxis for the treatment of osteochondrosis, experienced experts advise observing a number of simple rules:

– monitor your posture;

– do not lift heavy objects;

– move more, lead an active lifestyle;

– monitor your diet.

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