Osteochondrosis of the spine – what is it

A specific human disease as a species associated with upright posture is called osteochondrosis of the spine, the treatment and prevention of which are discussed in the article.

Osteochondrosis is a disease of the spine caused by inflammatory processes in the intervertebral discs, in which loosening and further destruction of bone and cartilage tissue occurs. The causes of the development of the disease are most often injuries or excessive loads, leading to the formation of microcracks in the vertebrae. There are 4 stages of the disease, depending on which therapeutic measures are established. Symptoms of osteochondrosis in the initial stages are unclear and are expressed in the pulling pains of the affected area, headaches, aching bones, nausea, numbness of the limbs and sometimes fainting. When observing such symptoms, you should consult a doctor: the sooner you can recognize the disease, the more favorable the prognosis of its treatment.

When detecting degeneration of spinal tissues, various research methods can be used, including a large number of laboratory medical equipment and equipment, more about their diversity can be found on the website. In Depending on the neglect case, experts prescribe conservative or surgical treatment of degenerative disc disease. The conservative technique includes the use of drugs, physiotherapy, massage sessions and exercise therapy. A positive effect of treatment can be achieved only strictly and persistently observing the schedule of events. Particular attention should be paid to a set of exercises.

In severe cases or with ineffective treatment, doctors will insist on surgery for a long time. Currently, a proven method for removing a damaged intervertebral disc is diskectomy. After the operation, it is necessary to carry out rehabilitation procedures, including physiotherapy, acupuncture and manual therapy, massage and physiotherapy exercises. Restoring the body will take about 6 months.

The basic rule for the prevention of osteochondrosis is active movement. Constant physical activity, exercises on the horizontal bar, a variety of movements will provide nutrition and mobility of the vertebrae. A correctly selected berth and pillow will create conditions for a quality rest of the spine. The inclusion of foods and vitamins rich in calcium and magnesium, a decrease in salt intake will provide support for bones.

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