Osteochondrosis is not a disease. This is a person’s lifestyle

So when does osteochondrosis begin to “scream” about its existence? It depends on many reasons! And one of the main ones is physical education, or rather, its absence. Who is doing it? No one! No more such service! Previously, at least there were physical education classes at school. But that was before. Even the President of the Russian Federation admitted that these physical education lessons have long been discredited by the education system itself. They cannot be undone, but left as such is absurdity.

Everyone knows the slogan: “Healthy lifestyle!” But is there such a specialty in any university? You can give this topic to fans, not without reason now former athletes are creating various sports sections. This is at least something against the backdrop of a general decline in the country’s health!

I and my colleagues in kinesitherapy took part in solving such an important problem. We have created such a program for children. The President is informed. But we will leave the version of inadequate physical education as the cause of osteochondrosis. Let’s talk about this pathology from a different angle.

Age, as you understand, does not matter, because juvenile (juvenile) osteochondrosis appeared, which, as practice shows, is least diagnosed with x-ray or MRI images. I often deal with acute back pain, in which the patient doesn’t climb onto the wall, but the pictures of his spine do not reflect any pathological changes. Conversely, there are pictures, of course, in older people, when there is not a single whole segment of the spine, but this patient does gymnastics and does not complain of back pain. Rather, complains of general weakness, such as weak legs. Fortunately, one of the main phenomena of the human body is that muscles recover at any age, from any state, if they create the necessary conditions.

Herbert Shelton, the largest American specialist in this field, called this phenomenon “contraction – relaxation.” In other words, when performing physical exercises that restore the “pumping” function of the muscles, the latter restore their properties. Vessels, capillaries transporting blood (which means nutrition) are restored, inflammation is removed, atrophy is eliminated, problems associated with osteochondrosis are removed.

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