Osteochondrosis anatomy

The spine is the axis of the body, it is the frame of the house. The house has a foundation, the house has a roof, but you cannot live in the house if there are no windows, water supply and heat . Why is the spine considered in all medical sources without regard to the state of the muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, due to which its vital activity is carried out?

The spine is not only the vertebrae and discs. These are muscles, and ligaments, and blood vessels, and nerves.

In fact, the spine is not only the vertebrae and discs. These are muscles, and ligaments, and blood vessels, and nerves. The central nervous system, passing through the spine (spinal cord), controls the spine through the muscles. A lot of them. Anatomists count about 700 only unpaired (and this is not counting the facial muscles of the face). Why such a quantity, if even with hard physical work a person uses about 40 % of their number? Everything is very simple! Through them, the body is controlled – bones, joints and various organs. Yes, and the authorities too. The heart, liver, spleen, kidneys … At one time, yogis showed asanas that control the chakras, and through them – the organs. Now yoga is back in fashion. The only thing that those who started practicing yoga after 40 years do not understand is that in India, hatha yoga is studied from childhood and somewhere around 26. Then the yogis begin to engage in sitting, that is, meditation. One well-known master in India, who at that time was 75 years old, told me about this, and I helped him to get rid of back pain , being specially invited for this to India.

How can the spine be restored if its anatomy and physiology are not taken into account? Pills Pulling in a corset? Blockades that kill peripheral nerves? Maybe it’s easier to lie in a coffin! Also a kind of corset … Why torture yourself like that? After all, all these so-called therapeutic (generally accepted) methods kill muscles without using them. And together with these atrophied inaction muscles, the connection between the periphery of the body and the central nervous system is broken. If the pill replaces the control of the body, and therefore replaces the consciousness, then, as a result, the Spirit is destroyed.

Is not it? I can list the main methods of “destruction” of muscles:

– non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs);

– physiotherapeutic techniques (laser, phonophoresis, ultrasound, shock wave therapy);

– balneotherapeutic agents (various kinds of baths, Charcot’s shower, mud therapy, karipazim and so on);

– traction (dry and water);

– massages, acupuncture, apitherapy, hirudotherapy, cigar moxibustion;

– and, of course, load limitation (exercise therapy does not count).

What a load! All that is left of the body is pulled into a corset.

I am sure that a reasonable person, especially of working age, least of all wants to wear any corsets, but for some reason they are happy to put on them and obediently swallow pills until they get a stomach ulcer or an allergy from drugs.

Is this why a patient with back pain came to the doctor?

Personally, I think the use of corsets for back pain is pointless. Imagine that a telegraph pole leaned outside your window from the wind or for any other reason, and you, instead of making an effort and returning it to an upright position, rewind with tape. Approximately the same effect is exerted by the corset, which in principle cannot align the spine located in the center of the body, but it can compress muscles and contribute to their atrophy. Wearing a corset is comparable to a tourniquet on the arm that stops blood circulation during intravenous injections. A corset, used even for a short time, helps to lower the internal organs, reduce intestinal motility, impaired kidney function and impaired pelvic circulation.

Other of the above funds are just distraction therapy. One did not help, try another. And so on and on, until the patient has enough patience, money and … health.

Why does this kind of treatment with a diagnosis of osteochondrosis, as a rule, do not give the desired effect, that is, restoration of full working capacity? From my point of view, treatment for osteochondrosis should be prescribed only after a functional examination of the patient, and not after radiological or tomographic images. If we diagnose all the muscles of the trunk and all joints, then we can identify interesting patterns associated with back pain, but not related to the back. As an example, I want to give the first history of the disease, which is quite ordinary in nature, if not for the suffering of this patient for 4 years.

First case history

Nekhireva S.Yu., 46 years old

Complaints of pain in the lumbar

more than 4 years.

The main diagnosis: widespread osteochondrosis of the spine.

Prescribed treatment: NSAIDs,

acupuncture, massage – no effects. In the course of treatment, she underwent surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.

We carried out the diagnostics, which I wrote about above, as a result of which the following was revealed: the muscles of the lower extremities are rigid (rigid, short and lacking the necessary elasticity). In addition, strongly atrophied. For example, the patient was unable, lying on her back, to straighten her leg, holding her foot, and perform a series of tests for the strength of individual muscles. I must say that these are quite important indicators of the functionality of the musculoskeletal system. The fact is that the entire vascular system of the human body is located inside the muscles, which contribute to the transportation of all blood and lymph to their destinations (brain, heart, internal organs, intervertebral discs and joints). Muscles are pumps without which full circulation is impossible. They should be considered not just as anatomical tissues that perform the motor function of bones and joints, as most doctors who treat osteochondrosis present. And above all, as an information and transport system.

The fact is that the entire vascular system of the human body is located inside the muscles, which contribute to the transportation of all blood and lymph to their destinations (brain, heart, internal organs, intervertebral discs and joints).

Before coming to the Kinesitherapy Center, our patient treated for more than 4 years back pain with medication, physiotherapy, rest and not only did not achieve the desired result, but also underwent surgery on the pelvic floor organs (ovarian cyst), the blood circulation of which is completely dependent on the muscles of the lumbar the spine. Diagnosis of these muscles before ovarian surgery was not performed. It’s a pity…

Over my already considerable life in medicine, I have seen many cases of self-healing of the body from ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids in women, prostatitis and prostate adenoma in men when treating the spine with a diagnosis of lumbar osteochondrosis using kinesitherapy, or therapy with proper movement.

When treating the patient in question, we focused on rigidity and muscle weakness of the lower extremities. It is impossible to do without simulators!

Now she goes to the gym on her own and no longer needs medical support. She understood her weak areas and restored them to normal with the help of simulators.

Second case history

Davydov A.E., 35 years old.

Complaints of pain in the lumbar spine, numbness and paresis of the left foot (clapping foot).

The duration of the acute condition is 3 months.

Diagnosis: osteochondrosis of the spine with hernias MTD (insignificant. – BS).

Treatment: blockade, pills, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy (everything, as usual. – BS) – without effect.

We carried out a functional diagnosis of the muscle system, which revealed the same thing: overstrain of the muscles of the lumbar spine and lack of elasticity in the muscles of the lower extremities . Tests on simulators revealed weakness of individual muscles and poor mobility of the joints of the body.

It must be said that we test the functional state of the muscle system on a special power decompression simulator MTB1-4[1] .

I would like to note that this patient, before contacting our center, underwent surgery on the vessels of the heart (stenting) and removal of a part of the meniscus of the left leg.

All this significantly complicated the treatment, since we could not prescribe many exercises for the first time.

The emphasis in the treatment of the back was placed on restoring the strength and elasticity of the muscles of the legs, as well as on eliminating the tension of the muscles of the back. This approach to treatment allowed us to restore not only normal blood circulation in the lumbar spine, but also sensitivity and tone in the left foot.

This patient also learned to understand his body, his weak zones and later began to engage on his own, which was already preventive in nature.

I will describe the features of our treatment in a separate chapter. Now I draw your attention to the general laws governing the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, which are nevertheless not taken into account in the treatment of back pain in normal practice. We combine these patterns in the general concept of muscle failure. I bring the medical histories of different people for one purpose, so that the attentive reader can draw a parallel with any of these stories.

The third case history.

Marinina T.V., 48 years old

Complaints of lumbar pain extending to the right leg, which “literally falls off.” Duration over 6 months.

Prior to contacting our center, she took the usual treatment in such cases: intramuscular injections, manual therapy, dry traction and laser physiotherapy.

No effect. As a result, I received a “drug disease” of the gastrointestinal tract and depression.

And in this case, all the muscles of the body were examined. All the same “weak” zones of the body showed themselves: excessive tension of the paravertebral muscles of the pectoral and lumbar spine and lack of elasticity in the thigh muscles. Testing on simulators has already confirmed the almost indispensable weakness of individual muscles in such cases. I was generally surprised that she could perform some exercises on simulators. For 12 sessions of work on simulators, the patient started recovering. Her delight knew no bounds. After all, before she was generally forbidden to do something like that, and, on the contrary, they prescribed peace.

On this occasion, I will tell you such a case. A friend of mine, a well-known doctor, professor, neurosurgeon asked me to help him get rid of back pain. He was overweight and associated pain with this. Knowing that I use special simulators, he decided at the same time to lose weight. After 12 sessions, the pain was gone, while he did not take a single pill. I heard his bewildered question: “What are you doing?” This highly qualified doctor could not understand that it is possible to get rid of pain without pills, using the simulators, which for him were associated only with sports, that is, with loads usually forbidden by doctors. Moreover, it is difficult for a surgeon who is accustomed to solve all problems in an operative way to understand this approach to treatment. And here – without pills, operations and a hospital ?! That’s an example. Many of my comrades, including surgeons, send their friends to me with back pain, because they themselves went through kinesitherapy. The vast majority of doctors do not believe in the capabilities of the body itself, because they do not study them. They are at war with the body, and do not take it as associates. A disease is given to a person to be cleansed, and suffering (pain) – to understand the need for this. Why live in your body, as in a trench, firing off pills from pain? Is man so primitive?

A disease is given to a person to be cleansed, and suffering (pain) – to understand the need for this.

Why live in your body, as in a trench, firing off pills from pain?

Once I was going home, or rather, I barely moved, leaning heavily on a cane. And suddenly I wanted to pray. I did not know how to do this. He simply asked God to help me recover. No no! I did not ask! I turned to him, because I was close to deep depression and did not believe that I could get rid of this disaster. But something happened after I turned to God … No. Not a miracle of recovery. New forces just appeared! Although, maybe this is a miracle? ..

Many years later. I coped with my problems. There were operations, parts of which could have been avoided if I had known the laws of kinesitherapy. But I have always been against drug treatment. I managed. It will turn out for you too. But in one case. If you love yourself, your body, your muscles and joints. Learn to take care of them, and not just ruthlessly exploit. Moreover, exploitation is not only work. It is also ignoring the laws of the body in which your Spirit lives, who wants to have a clean, well-groomed temple! Therefore, the main task of this book is not only to talk about a new method of getting rid of pain – kinesitherapy, but, and this is the main thing, to make us think about the main thing – about health, without which everything else is meaningless.

Love yourself, your body, your muscles and joints. Learn to take care of them.

So the last patient (the third case history) I asked if she had been doing serious gymnastics for the last time in the gym or pool. Smiled. What for? She is never heavier than a makeup bag. After all, you can do without it. “But, on the other hand, ” I tried to make her think, “if there are muscles that must do something but don’t do it, what happens to them?” “Atrophy.” Everything seems to be correct, only it is necessary to understand more deeply these processes of muscle atrophy. After all, this is a slow death of the body with a living organism, unfortunately, often with pain and damage to other organs – the ovaries, uterus, mammary glands, and the brain. I emphasize: atrophy of the muscles of a living body. Aged a little over 40 … Want to try it? Or feel it? Go to the pharmacy …

What is osteochondrosis – a disease of the spine or part of a common disease of the human body? “The body will crush if you don’t do it, ” I often say to patients.

This means that a person who does not exercise his muscles contributes to their weakening (atrophy). Muscles, atrophy, contract in volume. This means that both the vessels and the nerves passing through these muscles contract, impairing the blood flow and nutrition of the joints and organs. It turns out that a person who looks quite normal from the outside is squeezed, tightened inside. And thus, not only the spine suffers, but the whole organism. It has already been proven that a single muscle and even a group of muscles, such as flexors, cannot work without extensors. Sequential muscle contractions in order to bend or pull themselves up were called anatomical trains. But a train is not only a series connection of wagons, it is also the contents of wagons (tanks) that are delivered to their destination. If the train goes very slowly, and even with large stops, the contents of the cars may lose quality, the rails will rust. So the execution of exercises from case to case, and even in small quantities, contributes to the fact that osteophytes are deposited on the spine, and the intervertebral discs and joints of the body dry out. Osteochondrosis is a kind of rust of the spine and joints, which accumulates during life with a lack of movement, tension, and tension.

Outwardly, a person with developing osteochondrosis looks healthy, although he simply cannot bend down to get his hands on the floor. The joints of the spine “rusted” and its deep muscles hardened. In a word – muscle failure, which sometimes appeared after 22 years. Strength, endurance, flexibility are leaving, and a person considers the loss of these functions to be the norm. But if you suddenly have to bend over, and even several times, a visit to the doctor is inevitable. And further according to the plan – tablets, physiotherapy, corset.

By the way, back pains even more often occur in athletes. And this is in the presence of superbly developed muscles, regular training of your body and youth. This is the next chapter of our book.

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