Office diseases

Modern life is significantly different from that for which the human body is adapted. People spend more and more time in a sitting position: in front of a computer monitor, driving a car in a seat in public transport. We rarely pay attention to the length of the working day – we stay late at night, take work home. Naturally, this cannot but affect the state of health.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system is one of the first systems to suffer from lack of movement, constant sitting in one place. The blood flow slows down, the heart does not work at full capacity, the blood stagnates in the lower half of the body. You may have noticed how dizziness is felt when suddenly rising from a familiar place, and it seems that you are about to lose consciousness. Sometimes they also say “it has entered the head” – this is due to a malfunction of the heart and blood vessels, insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain.

To prevent cardiovascular disease, you need to take regular breaks from work in order to disperse blood stagnation. When you are distracted from the monitor, do not switch to your phone screen or a conversation with a colleague – spend time on a simple set of physical exercises.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine

Back pain is a common complaint with which office workers are seen by neurologists and osteopaths. Sometimes the pain is so pronounced that it interferes with sleeping or moving normally, negatively affecting performance. The most common cause is osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. With osteochondrosis, the cartilage, which serves as a shock-absorbing layer between the vertebrae, wears out. As a result, the spine ceases to perform its functions correctly, which leads to the appearance of pain syndrome.

To reduce the likelihood of developing osteochondrosis will help such simple measures as:

  •    – small breaks for charging during the working day;
  •  – selection of a table and chair in such a way that they help maintain correct posture throughout the day;
  •   – installation of the screen so that you do not have to keep your head tilted.

Overweight and obesity

Not only lack of movement contributes to the accumulation of extra pounds, but also the habit of snacking on the go, rejection of a full and balanced diet in favor of semi-finished products, love of pastries and sugary drinks during coffee breaks.

According to statistics, every second 40-year-old Russian has symptoms of obesity. At the same time, the disease is getting younger every year.

To prevent extra pounds from “sticking”, try the following:

  • – Think about every bite that goes into your mouth. Let the diet be balanced;
  • – Avoid baked goods, sugary drinks and other high-calorie foods with low nutritional value;
  • – Engage in physical activity regularly;
  • – Take breaks during the working day for a short walk, try to walk more, skip the elevator.


Hemorrhoids are a real scourge of modern society. Until recently, only a few suffered from this disease, but today it can be found during examination in many office workers. The cause of hemorrhoids is stagnation of blood in the lower part of the body due to the fact that a person constantly sits, moves little. This reaction is due to the peculiarities of hemodynamics. She also explains why some people cannot stand for a long time, sometimes even losing consciousness: blood without movement accumulates in the lower extremities, cannot rise in full volume against the force of gravity.

The only truly effective way to combat or prevent hemorrhoids is to move. It is necessary to be distracted from work by a small charge, which will help disperse the blood. Also, to improve circulation, prevent congestion in the veins of the small pelvis, you can use special seat cushions. They are designed to reduce the stress on the veins, prevent the formation of hemorrhoids, or significantly slow down the progression of hemorrhoids. Proper nutrition will also be a good helper in preventing disease.

Tension headaches

The fast pace of life, regular and significant stress loads, the need to cope with huge volumes of work alone – all this cannot but harm the human nervous system. As a result, many office workers suffer from tension headaches. This is a complex condition, characterized by severe headache, reducing performance, and sometimes completely incapacitating a person. Often it contributes to the development of tension headaches, lack of sleep, diseases of other organs and systems, which have a wearing effect on the human body.

Prevention of this disease exists! Necessary:

  • – to normalize the mode of work and rest;
  • – give up extra work in the evening, learn to relax and not think about work issues outside of your working hours;
  • – regularly walk in the fresh air for at least half an hour (the preferred time for walks is before going to bed, but if possible, it is recommended to walk during the day).

“Office” diseases are a group of diseases from which not a single person is insured. At the same time, preventing them is often much easier than treating them! You can always contact the doctors of our clinic to develop individual recommendations for leveling the negative impact of the office work regime on your health.

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