Lumbar hernia. Folk methods of treatment

Many people suffer from a serious illness – lumbar hernia . An unpleasant disease can be detected not only in the elderly, but also at a young age.

Due to a lumbar hernia, a person may experience constant pain that interferes with normal life and work. Sometimes overcoming the steps is accompanied by real torment. The disease turns into a real nightmare for the inhabitants of the upper floors in buildings with no elevators. Garden, country work becomes impossible, because the pain does not allow to bend. nor unbend.

How to deal with a lumbar hernia? Below is a list of effective folk recipes that help to effectively get rid of the disease.

How to identify a lumbar hernia?

Sadly, many people are not even aware that they have a lumbar hernia. This disease is often confused with other ailments. For example, with the appearance of minor lumbar pain, a person can, without understanding, begin treatment for the kidneys, deciding that it is a common cold. In this case, attention should be paid to the symptoms of the disease. In the case of a lumbar hernia, pain in the lumbar region is noted.

Over time, the pain covers an increasing area of the body. The disease causes numbness in the legs. This indicates the development of stenosis in the spinal canal, which was provoked by a disc herniation. Self-diagnosis based on guesswork is unacceptable! In case of pain, you should contact the doctors, get checked out, pass a list of tests to make an accurate diagnosis. In the future, there will be a fight against the identified insidious disease. To achieve healing, you can use traditional medicine methods .

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