Illusions of Health

Most people have illusions about their health.

How to understand this? As a rule, a patient who comes to the reception with back pain considers himself to be completely healthy, and pain – an accident, bad luck. He explains them by lifting something heavy, bending over, turning abruptly, and so on. Like, if he had not made this unsuccessful movement, nothing would have happened. But he used to perform these and other movements, and everything was fine …

For some reason they don’t think about it … Write off for the case.

They ask: “Twist, inject, do something, doctor, so that everything will work out right away.” It’s not my fault, I just turned around unsuccessfully. ”

“Have you been, ” I ask the patient, “pulled yourself up on the horizontal bar?” And on the uneven bars? What was your weight at 16? And now?”

A man with back pain, who has forgotten the year when he was able to pull himself up and push up, and who has since added 20-30 kg of the detrained body hanging on his spine, is surprised that he suddenly wedged his back after he just bent to tie his shoelaces … It was at that moment that his health ended, but he still does not understand this. After all, there were no falls from a height, he did not receive blows during a sports game, did not get into car accidents … So, it all ended right away ?! And so he cannot understand the true cause of back pain, recalling only the notorious shoelaces. My friend Anatoly Yanovsky once, listening to my philosophy of ill health, said: “It’s scary to think that our whole life is one awkward movement.” You know, I had to agree with him.

What needs to be understood in order to become objective towards oneself?

The first one. Most people sincerely believe that they wish good health by raising a glass of vodka or a glass of wine at a table by the hero of the day, instead of celebrating an anniversary in the gym!

Most people have illusions about their health.

Please note: the overwhelming majority of television programs dedicated to medicine and … health take place in medical offices, in hospitals, and unusual miracle drugs or “effective” surgeries are advertised. These programs do not take place in stadiums, in parks, in forests and fields, where fresh air, a lot of sun and greenery. Where you want to smile, run, pick flowers, admire nature. No, they speak about health in medical offices. And you did not think that the word “hospital” comes from the word “pain, illness.” In the hospital are sick people. On this small territory there are many of them, and they all talk about their illnesses, and they all swallow pills and “hang” on droppers. Therefore, they cannot talk about health. I have not seen a single healthy or truly recovered person who left the hospital after treatment. I saw survivors …

The second one. Most believe that the health of the country’s population depends on the possibility of performing heart surgery on everyone who needs it. And not from raising healthy children! I do not oppose coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) on the vessels of the heart if it saves life and prolongs it. These methods, of course, need to be improved, if only because the population is not to blame for their illnesses. They were brought up like that. But when from high stands they declare these operations as a priority in protecting health, I get scared. Such operations should rather be attributed to the protection of “ill health” or the extension of an unhealthy lifestyle. No state will achieve the long and prosperous existence of its people if it does not care about raising healthy children. But what is the use of talking about a healthy lifestyle if the System does not train specialists in health education. I do not know a single medical university where the department of a “healthy lifestyle” would be. There are departments of exercise therapy, adaptive physical education. But all this is not that. The rules of the doctrine of a healthy lifestyle, juvenology should be studied as a separate discipline, have their own departments, institutes and television programs. Consultations of specialists in healthy lifestyles should be carried out in antenatal clinics, in maternity hospitals, nurseries, kindergartens and, of course, schools.

But today it’s utopia.

And you ask, where did the back pain come from?

The third. To begin with, I will give one more example.

I drive across the bridge over the Moscow River. Frost 22 °. The Moscow River is smoking. It does not freeze, and the “Non-freezing” (non-freezing glass-washing liquid) in my car is almost frozen. All clear. We breathe hot air, more precisely, stench. And we don’t notice it and don’t even think about it! Are you used to it? Or so brought up? Where are the ecologists? Demolition of someone’s cottages built “not there”? And what about the millions passing over the stinking Moscow River and breathing in the vile disgusting air! Who says the dangers of smoking? You can move away from a smoking person … And how to move away from the spoiled ecology of the city? Get out of town? Perhaps this is the way out. And sooner or later urbanized humanity will come to this if they manage to survive in the city and at least partially maintain their health. We need to think about it constantly and take some actions to save at least our children, our gene pool.

“What does osteochondrosis have to do with it?” – you ask. I will answer. This is my third position.

Osteochondrosis is not a disease, it is a way of life. The task of each person is to choose his own path. To be treated before self-destruction, changing a pill to a pill? Or restore your health by abandoning them?

Health is work!

Labor is patience!

Patience is suffering!

Suffering is purification!

Purification is health!

And not a single point from this algorithm for restoring health can be thrown away.

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