How to use the Lyapko applicator correctly for osteochondrosis

Anti-osteochondrosis treatment is based on a whole complex of different techniques such as drug therapy, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage, swimming, etc. Experts often recommend using special massagers – Lyapko applicators as an additional home treatment for osteochondrosis.

Description and action of the Lyapko applicator

In appearance, this invention has a lot in common with Kuznetsov’s applicator. There are some differences though.

The base of such an applicator is made of a soft rubber material, and the needles in Lyapko’s massager are made of metal. Most often these are iron, copper, zinc, although they can be coated with silver, and sometimes more expensive metals.

There is a certain elevation around each needle, which allows to limit the pressure of the point on the skin and prevents the occurrence of various injuries.

The material from which the needles are made is also selected for a specific purpose, so that the metal is safe and beneficial for the body.

Lyapko applicator needles are combined into bioelectric pairs, which provide the passage of galvanic current. The distance between the needles is 3-7 mm. The smaller the step, the softer the impact. Like the Kuznetsov massager, the principle of operation of this invention is based on reflexology.

The Lyapko needle applicator has a lot of possibilities:

  1. Eliminates headache, muscle, joint and vertebral pain;
  2. Restores material metabolism, normalizes sleep, raises tone and mood, improves performance;
  3. Effectively relieves disorders in the genital area, bringing female and male sexual activity back to normal;
  4. Effective against nervous system, respiratory, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal pathological conditions;
  5. Accelerates rehabilitation recovery after strokes, accidents, operations, fractures and other injuries;
  6. In gynecology, it helps in getting rid of inflammatory processes and cycle disorders;
  7. Restores hormonal balance, in which the overly thin gain the necessary mass, and those suffering from obesity lose weight ;
  8. Helps get rid of harmful addictions like nicotine or alcohol;
  9. It significantly increases the therapeutic effect of acupuncture, massage, resonant microwave and manual therapy, laser treatment;
  10. Allows you to reduce the dosage or shorten the course of taking medications, with the subsequent cancellation of drug therapy.

The high efficiency of such massagers is ensured by the galvanic current that occurs in the skin and between the needles. Under the influence of electroplating, a certain amount of metal penetrates into the tissues of the body through microelectrophoresis.

The Lyapko massager has no analogues, equal in efficiency and ease of use. As a result of using the applicator, a hypodynamic lifestyle is compensated, the production of active substances necessary for the immune defense of the body is stimulated, and the internal capabilities of the body are mobilized.


Lyapko applicators are made in the form of volumetric rollers or flat insoles, belts and rugs. They differ in shape, width of the needle step, size, etc. Such a variety of shapes allows you to use the massager with maximum efficiency for the body.

For the purpose of a general healing effect, various insoles, belts, rugs, plates, chamomile are used, and for an active massage procedure, it is better to give preference to needle balls or rollers.

The applicators are specially produced with different pitch lengths so that they can be successfully used in the treatment of patients with any sensitivity and age:

  1. For children and persons with increased pain sensitivity, a pitch of 3.5 mm is more suitable;
  2. For adult patients under 40, it is better to give preference to applicators with a needle pitch of 4.9 or 5.6 mm;
  3. For patients over 40, it is better to choose massagers with a distance of 5.6, 6 or 7 mm between the needles.

Indications for use

It is recommended to use the Lyapko applicator:

  • With algodismenorrhea (painful menstruation) and during menopause;
  • Against digestive pathologies like colitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, etc.;
  • With prostate adenoma or inflammation (prostatitis);
  • With diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, runny nose, etc.);
  • During pregnancy and lactation to get rid of toxicosis, increase milk production, reduce pain during childbirth;
  • With cardiovascular pathologies such as myocardial ischemia, high or low blood pressure, varicose veins, etc.;
  • Against urological pathologies, nephritis, cystitis and others;
  • For the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies such as osteochondrosis, arthritis, etc.;
  • With endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism, obesity and the like;
  • To eliminate pain syndrome and shorten the healing time of fractures, craniocerebral trauma, toothache, with neuralgic disorders, etc.


Lyapko’s massager is not recommended for use:

  • In the presence of tumor formations of any nature (malignant or benign);
  • In a state of acute thrombophlebitis (venous inflammation with the formation of a blood clot);
  • In processes of infectious origin in the stage of exacerbation, when there is a characteristic increase in temperature;
  • In case of severe depletion of the body;
  • In case of any pathological conditions in the decompensation stage, when the immune system cannot resist the disease, and therapeutic measures will only relieve discomfort for a short time;
  • In the presence of skin lesions (wounds, cuts, rashes, irritation, sores, etc.) at the site of the intended use of the applicator.

How to use for osteochondrosis of the spine: instructions

Lyapko applicators are used for active or passive massage procedures. With osteochondrosis, the massager is used for local action in the area of ​​the cervical collar, between the shoulder blades, on the lower back.

If a large rug is used, then simply lie on it with the sore part of the spine. You need to lie down for at least half an hour. The absence of discomfort and painful sensations is a confirmation of the correct position of the body relative to the applicator. Small plates are fixed on diseased areas using gauze or elastic bandage.

For lumbar osteochondrosis, an excellent solution would be to wear an applicator belt or tape, as well as to actively massage this area with a ball or roller.

The preferred course duration is 7-20 days, although in especially advanced cases of osteochondrosis, applicator treatment is used for several months.

Recommended areas of application of the product

To eliminate headaches, it is recommended to apply the Lyapko applicator to the neck, arms and shoulders, and the chest. For osteochondrosis lesions, the massager is used in the lumbar region, neck and back.

If it is additionally necessary to get rid of fatty deposits, it is recommended to use the applicator in problem areas, and in case of varicose veins – massage the legs, lower back and chest with a roller. The application of the applicator to the sinuses and the back of the head will relieve a runny nose, and from bronchitis – to the chest.

The main area of ​​influence is the area where the most intense pain is felt.

In order to distribute the weight of the body evenly when using large rugs, a pillow or fabric roller should be placed under the spinal curves and joints. And after a few minutes, the unusual discomfort from the applicator will be replaced by pleasant warmth and a slight tingling sensation, and then the whole body will relax.

Use in pregnancy

Many experts recommend using the Lyapko applicator during pregnancy, only it is necessary to use specimens with a small distance between the needles, then the effect will be more gentle.

The massager is used to maintain and improve the course of pregnancy. To eliminate the manifestations of toxicosis, it is recommended to apply the applicator to the lower back and thoracic spine, shoulders, forearm, lower leg and foot.

Due to the increase in weight, a pregnant woman often has back pain by the end of pregnancy, swelling and heaviness in the legs appear. To get rid of this, it is recommended to roll the lower back, legs and bottom of the thoracic spine with a roller.

Where to buy and prices

In Russia and Moscow one of the most famous companies selling such applicator products is Argo. They offer the following options for massagers:

  • Rugs – about 1051-3473 rubles;
  • Rollers – 730-1503 rubles;
  • Belts – 1860-2938 rubles;
  • Ribbons – 2013 – 4620 rubles;
  • Insoles – about 1860-2315 rubles.

Reviews of patients and doctors


We use this rug with the whole family. He’s our magic wand. After sedentary work, my daughter lies on it for half an hour every day so that her back does not hurt. I have cervical osteochondrosis, so I can’t do without Lyapko’s rug. Sometimes such terrible pains begin in the neck and head, even if we cry. I put this rug on a roller bed, and then I lay down on it with a sore neck. It becomes so easy and good that several times I fell asleep on it. And my husband sometimes gets sciatica. He puts a roller with an applicator under the lower back. And recently he was also presented with such a belt, so now, at the first signs of incipient pain, he puts on this belt and walks in it all evening. A wonderful massager that saves from many diseases. We really like it.


Recently I purchased such an applicator on the recommendation of a doctor who discovered I have low back osteochondrosis. For a long time I suffered with my back until I made such a useful acquisition . I drank packs of medicine, and there are a lot of side effects from them too. And here you just lie on the rug, and the pain disappears by itself, without pills and injections. I am very pleased with the purchase.


A friend advised me this applicator. I bought such a rug to deal with cellulite deposits, and to heal my back (after giving birth it hurt). I don’t know how it helped anyone, but only my back began to hurt less, and the orange peel on my thighs remained as it was. Maybe I did something wrong? But in general, the invention is not bad, but it cured my back.

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