How to take care of your spine

Nature gave us a strong and flexible skeleton – the spine. And for some reason people think that its possibilities are not endless. They do not take care of their back and in return receive unbearable pain in the spine. For the prevention of such formidable diseases as osteochondrosis, radiculitis, herniated discs, you need to spend at least a few minutes a day in order to remain active and prosperous for many years.

Most people in our era have a huge lack of physical activity. No one thinks that sitting at the desk all day, then arriving home by car to lie down on the sofa or sit down at the computer, at this time our spine suffers greatly. He is immobile and uncomfortable most of the time! But there are special exercises for the spine. They need to be done to strengthen the muscular corset that supports the spine. Swimming is considered one of the most rewarding activities. Plus, you need to monitor the correct posture while walking, as well as when sitting. If your job is sedentary, try to afford a comfortable chair or chair. Do not forget to take short breaks from work and do a short gymnastics at this time.

Another important aspect is not to lift weights. If this cannot be ruled out, then lift at least correctly: you need to squat to lift the load, but in no case bend over it.

A high heel is the adornment of any woman, but it is also an enemy. Long walking in heels has a detrimental effect on the spine, additionally creating excessive stress for it.

A healthy spine is the basis of all health.

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