How to relax your spine?

A few years ago, sleeping on an even, hard surface and even without a pillow was considered absolutely right and healthy. Perhaps it was the right choice as a means of “fighting” with the “carapace” prevalent in those years, but today doctors believe that such methods of “healing” will bring nothing but problems.

Even schoolchildren know that the human spine is not a straight stick, it has bends in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral parts. The shape of the spinal column entirely resembles a wave. And if you try to lay this “wave” on a flat hard surface, then instead of resting, the spine gets an extra load.

Orthopedists claim that for a good rest during sleep, the spine should have a support corresponding to its physiological form along the entire length. This problem is solved by specially designed designs of pillows and mattresses that adapt to natural bends.

Orthopedic products are especially useful for people who spend most of their time in one position, for example, behind a computer monitor. The spine in this case experiences constant static loads. A full rest is necessary in the opposite case, when a person is engaged in heavy physical labor. However, even the best orthopedic designs are not a panacea. They are able to suspend the development of osteochondrosis, but they cannot completely cure the back.

The correct position of the cervical spine will provide orthopedic pillows. They differ from ordinary ones by the presence of a roller, which is placed under the neck, while the head is laid on the main part of the product. The neck does not bend and does not fall to one side, the vertebrae experience minimal load. The most “advanced” products adapt to the structural features of the spine of a particular person, change shape under the influence of body heat, and “remember” the changes.

Orthopedic pillows will help with sedentary work. Of course, not those that are placed under the head during sleep, but special, lumbar. Orthopedists believe that working sitting most of the time, it is almost impossible to maintain proper posture. Without the use of special devices, sooner or later, the lumbar bend will bend back, which will dramatically increase the load on the vertebral discs.

Orthopedic mattresses can be divided into two groups, stationary and portable. Their difference is that portable ones are designed for laying on the surface of an ordinary bed, sofa or ottoman, while stationary ones are full-fledged mattresses, made as part of a sleeping place, laid on the bed base.

A good mattress cannot be thinner than 20 centimeters, which is due to the size of the spring blocks and the use of several layers of fillers. The more layers, the better, they provide comfort when using the product.

Polyurethane foam (or foam rubber) and batting are not the best fillers. After several months of operation, they sag, and the body begins to feel the springs. The use of coconut fiber as a filler, coir is justified. But latex impregnated coir is quite expensive, and cheap impregnation is based on phenolic adhesives, which can cause allergies and an unpleasant odor.

Mattresses made according to the technology of independent spring blocks perform the functions assigned to them better, unlike Bonel type continuous weaving springs. In addition, “independent” springs are placed in individual fabric covers and are absolutely silent, although at a higher price.

Be healthy and have good dreams.

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