How to Prevent Spinal Diseases in Children

The spine is the main support of our body. It is subjected to multiple daily stresses. His work can be affected by: inactivity, poor nutrition, excess weight and excessive exercise. Popular diseases of the spine are: intervertebral hernia, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis and others.

Pathological diseases can occur, both in an adult and in childhood (statistics show that posture is impaired in more than 70% of children). Therefore, it is better to try to identify the problem as early as possible. By the way, the spine begins its formation in the womb. Therefore, already during pregnancy, you need to take care of his condition: try to eat a balanced diet, lead an active lifestyle.

There are a couple of actual rules that must be observed throughout life:

  1. Children need to spend more time outside, move more (for example, play outdoor games). The main muscle groups will be strengthened, the spine will develop properly, and natural immunity will increase.
  2. It is necessary to monitor the proper nutrition of the child so that his diet includes all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

While studying, you should focus on the following:

  • The table of the child should correspond to his height;
  • During classes, the fall of light should be on the left side;
  • When reading, the book should be placed on a stand, so the child will slouch less;
  • Carrying textbooks should be in backpacks with wide straps and a hard back;
  • It is better to choose a mattress of medium firmness. This will allow the muscles to relax (the child will rest well);
  • At the age of twelve, it is better to enroll your child in the athletics or swimming section;
  • Until the age of sixteen, when the spine is developing functionally, it is better not to work out in the gym. This can stop growth or develop scoliosis.


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