How to get rid of cervical osteochondrosis

How to get rid of cervical osteochondrosis? The question is especially relevant for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. The disease is accompanied by unpleasant external manifestations and is fraught with changes in the spine. Is it possible to get rid of the diagnosis forever? What methods are used to treat these patients?

Signs of cervical osteochondrosis

Intervertebral discs tend to be distorted when the muscles around them work asymmetrically because of an improperly distributed load. Inconvenient poses or inactivity once lead to the development of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. The disease manifests itself:
· Paroxysmal headaches that occur in the back of the head and extend to the temples;
· Pains in the shoulders, forearms or hands;
Numbness, burning, or tingling of the hands or feet;
· Dizziness and fainting with sharp turns of the head;
· Tinnitus
· Pressing heart pain that can persist for several days.
When the diagnosis makes itself felt, it is necessary to take seriously the health and immediately consult a specialist.

How to get rid of cervical osteochondrosis

To minimize the manifestation of the disease will help therapeutic exercises. It is necessary to memorize 5 simple exercises performed in a sitting position with a straight back:
· A slight tilt of the head forward, palms on the forehead. Pressing the head on the hands, linger in the position of 10 seconds. Pressing on the temples and the back of the head is done in the same way with the fingers;
· Arms down along body. The head pulled back slowly turns to the left. 30 seconds are kept in this position. The same is done with a turn to the right;
· Raised shoulders trying to reach the ears. In this position, linger for 10 seconds. Dropping shoulders, relax. Then the shoulders are raised alternately;
· 5 head down, pressing his chin to his chest;
· 3 times bend the head forward, backward, left, right. The repetition of the complex 2 times a day is a good prevention of cervical osteochondrosis.
The combination of the aforementioned gymnastics with massage and manual therapy sessions gives excellent results. They are especially relevant in pain syndrome.
If the selection of a chiropractor may take time, then self-massage is not very difficult to master. This includes the stroking and rubbing movements of the back of the neck. Manipulations are performed with thumbs or the other four. Need to move along parallel lines to the spine.
When pain cannot be handled, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs. Depending on the results of the examination of the patient, the treatment methods are chosen individually.
Answering the question whether it is possible to get rid of cervical osteochondrosis, doctors do not talk about the complete recovery of the patient. Held on time preventive measures to help avoid frequent attacks.

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