How to get perfect breasts. Gymnastics for a beautiful bust

Any woman dreams of an ideally shaped elastic breast, because this is the main component of her attractiveness in the eyes of men. In order for the bust to always remain beautiful, you should perform a few simple exercises.

What affects the shape of the breast

The female bust is anatomically divided into mammary glands and a layer of connective and adipose tissue. Together they are sheathed in skin and adjacent muscles. Already after 25 years, the breast begins to lose its original elasticity and it is necessary to work on its shape.

In order to understand whether a correction is needed in your case, it is enough to conduct a simple test. Put a pencil under your bare chest. If it does not fall, urgent action must be taken.

What badly affects the shape of the breast

The bust is influenced by many external factors, including:

  • unexpected weight loss;
  • posture disorders;
  • too long exposure to the sun or in the solarium.

That is why, for prevention, a woman must definitely eat right, avoid exposure to ultraviolet radiation and monitor her posture. Swimming and dancing also have a good effect.

How to keep your breasts in shape

The first thing to do is buy the right bra. It should securely fix the bust, but not press too hard.

The second rule is about hydration. Since there are few sebaceous glands in this area, the skin dries quickly and fades. To increase the elasticity of the integument, special creams with a lifting effect should be used. It is better to replace ordinary soap with milk or body lotion.

Hot baths also have a bad effect on the shape of the breast. Instead, take a cool shower and massage your breasts with an ice cube. In this case, movements must be performed in the direction from the armpits to the lateral parts. On the nipples, a sharp near air cold affects badly.

A set of corrective exercises


To maintain the shape of the bust, the pectoralis major and minor muscles should be developed. They begin at the shoulder joints, and then diverge throughout the sternum. To tone your muscles, do the following exercises:

  • lifting dumbbells;
  • push ups;
  • mixing and spreading of hands.

There are several exercises that can be done even in the office (for example, at lunchtime). Among them:

  • “Push ups”. Such exercises can be done even while sitting. To do this, sit in a chair and firmly rest your hands on its armrests. In another case, it is recommended to push up from the wall: rest against it with outstretched arms, and then gradually bend them.
  • “Palm press” . Place the palms of your hands in front of you with your elbows apart. Then tightly squeeze your palms, pressing them against each other. Raise your arms above your head and repeat the exercise. After that, bend the joined palms slightly to the right and continue pressing, feeling how the pectoral muscles tense.
  • “Push-ups at the door.” Grasp the door frame at chest level. Rise on your toes, tilt your body forward and bend. Then lower yourself on your heels and pull your body back as far as possible.

These exercises should be done daily, at least 30 times a day.

For those who go to fitness

If you already play sports, add additional chest exercises to your regular workouts. For example, use the “butterfly” simulator, bring and spread your arms slightly bent at the elbows, while lying on an inclined bench.

It will also be useful to work with a barbell and dumbbells. Do a bench press with a medium grip from a horizontal position or bring your arms as wide as possible and spread your arms with weights while lying on an incline bench.

The crossover simulator has a great influence on the pectoral muscles. Put your foot forward and bend down, bringing your hands to your lower abdomen. By adjusting the angle of the back, you can train several muscle groups at once.


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