How to cure a sore back? Unconventional but reliable method

What is bent and no longer bent – many know. When everything has been tried: fastum gel, viper venom, bear fat, and advice from Baba Katya from a nearby entrance. To pursue a successful career and be constantly in the “siu” position, while holding on to the lower back and constantly moaning, somehow does not correspond in modern society. However, closer to the body.

I was twisted in the Moscow-Gorky train that went to Nizhny Novgorod. It happens with us. You go to Gorky, and you come to Nizhny. Our city is also constantly confused with other Novgorod. The one in which the chamber and Alexander Nevsky. And we have a militia and Kozma Minin. Well, it is, for reference.

Let’s return to the topic of a sore back. It twisted me so that literally crawling out (crawling out -?) At the Moscow station, almost in a Plastonic way got to his car and went to surrender to the nearest clinic. She turned out to be famous at the Lower Institute of Traumatology. Who does not know – not far from the Kremlin on the Upper Volga embankment. There, from all over the Volga region, patients recover.

It was on Monday. This is a very important detail, and it will be decisive in future history. I will go directly to the registry. I say – I will give any money, just help out of turn. I need a girl in a white coat:

– Anyone do not. Pay 350 rubles for the consultation. Only without a queue will not work. Now all services for all are paid.

Well, I stood up for half an hour, gave 350 rubles and very much asked to arrange an examination of my poor back right away, without departing from the cash register. The girl in the registry took pity and wrote me a ticket at 9 in the morning. I crawled to my designated office and collapsed beside him on the couch. 10 minutes were left before the cabinet was opened and my salvation. Across from the couch was a poster called “Back pain and how to deal with it.”

From the poster, I learned that I can have: osteochondrosis, lumbago (lumbago), herniated disc, scoliosis (curvature of the spine), myalgia and muscle cramps. In addition, back pain appears due to problems in the genitourinary sphere with kidney pathology and due to injuries.

Finally, on the clock, the hands got up at exactly 9 o’clock, and I knocked on the door. She was locked. It was locked at 9–05, and at 9–10, and at 9–12. My back no longer just required a checkup. She behaved like a hamster, scribbling in a hole. Or like a traffic cop who didn’t get money. Or as a lover of classical music at a concert by Masha Rasputina. Why exactly these comparisons got into my head – I don’t know. But at 9−20, and at 9−34, and at 10−00 the office was closed.

Only one thing came to mind – I did not pay enough, and the Hippocratic oaths are in no hurry to take their stethoscopes out of their cases. But everything turned out to be much more prosaic. A woman in a white coat, who was caught by my elbow and was walking along the corridor, waved her off in irritation: “Sit and wait for the planning meeting to end.” On Mondays, we have up to 11 meetings.
Then something crossed my mind. I don’t remember how much I screamed into the void that I was not just like that, but for 350 rubles, that I had a ticket for 9, not 11. That he was like a scoop, so he stayed, but now for the money. I also recall with difficulty how I ran out of the clinic, and a confused girl from the registry rushed after me, trying to get the money back.

But I remember very well the moment when I opened the car and jumped into the driver’s seat. Good – because I realized – my back has gone and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

Not hurt for three years. Thanks to the doctors from NIITO. They came up with a great way to treat osteochondrosis. Or lumbago. I never found out what I had. And I offer them, our doctors, sincere apologies for my behavior in the clinic.

So I advise everyone who has a backache, so much so that they can’t straighten up, come to us in Nizhny Novgorod. At the Institute of Traumatology. Just be sure on Monday, and take a ticket for 9 in the morning. I hope the planning meetings have not been canceled there. The result is guaranteed.

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