How to correct posture (strength exercises)

In the gradual development of stoop, the primary role is played by the load on the posterior bundles of the deltoid, trapezius and rhomboid muscles, therefore, in order to correct posture, it is necessary to correct strength exercises specifically for these muscle groups.

At least one exercise for each muscle group should be included in the training program without fail, and every bodybuilder must have preferred exercises for these body parts.

While doing a split program, you can compile posture exercises on one day of the split, choosing 1-2 exercises for each muscle group. It is important not to overdo it, because more exercises will not speed up the result. As for the number of repetitions and sets, it is standard for each exercise.

Below is a list of recommended posture correction exercises. It is worth noting that this list is not complete, it does not include duplicate and ineffective exercises.

Throwing back and moving the head forward – correcting the tilt of the head.

  • Working out the front muscles of the neck. This exercise is easiest to perform on a horizontal bench with a pancake of a suitable mass. To do this, lie on a horizontal bench face up in this way. so that the head hangs from the edge of the bench. The figure shows how to lean the pancake against the forehead. Next, you need to slowly start moving your head, lifting the pancake with the help of tension in the front muscles of the neck. It is recommended to perform 10-15 such repetitions, no more than once a week. Also, the exercise is usually included at the end of the workout. Harness can serve as an alternative to a pancake.
  • Back muscles of the neck. In order to eliminate the imbalance between the anterior and posterior muscles after performing the previous exercise, it is necessary to carefully stretch the posterior muscles, since there is no power load for them.

Correction of stoop and sloping shoulders

  • Working out the trapezius and rhomboid muscles. Shraga is performed , which is the main thing for the development of the trapezius and rhomboid muscles. When performing a bent over row, you need to grab it with a wide grip.
  • Working out the rear bundles of deltas. The arms are bred with dumbbells to the sides in the tilt position, dumbbell rows lying on an incline bench on the stomach, or horizontal lever traction.
  • Working out the pectoral muscles. For this group of muscles, loads are characteristic with increased stretching and a decrease in power load.

Working out the abdominal muscles

  • Intensive pumping of oblique abdominal muscles. To do this, lateral twisting with rotation is performed as well as core muscle training .
  • On a special simulator, pumping of the biceps of the thigh is performed.
  • Pumping the front biceps of the thigh. In this case, the exercise with squats to reduce the tone of the quadriceps femoris should be excluded from the workout or performed less frequently, including deadlift. They should be replaced with the more isolated exercises above, even though they help strengthen the back muscles. Otherwise, performing these exercises can disrupt the normal position of the pelvis and contribute to a greater protrusion of the abdomen, despite the fact that to some extent correct posture.


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