How to choose the right pillow: doctor’s advice

However, when we talk about sleep quality and possible musculoskeletal issues, a pillow is almost as important as a mattress. She takes the weight of the head, resting the spine. Therefore, if your neck and shoulders do not receive sufficient support or are at an unnatural angle to the body, which causes twisting and muscle tension, your spine is not properly aligned, which means that the body does not rest, which leads to headaches, a feeling of fatigue, pain in neck and back. In addition, an improperly fitted pillow will contribute to the development of back problems. We spend 1/3 of our lives in sleep, and all this time, if the pillow doesn’t fit, your spine is twisted, just think about it!

How do you know when it’s time to change your pillow?

The mattress is changed every 10 years, despite the assurances of manufacturers that it will serve for 30 years. Pillows need to be changed, on average, every 2 years. But here everything is individual, how to understand that the pillow has served, I will tell you further. Today, in specialized salons, you can find expensive and sophisticated pillows that do not lose their properties for about 3-5 years, for example, made of memory foam.

Like a mattress, a pillow is a lifelong investment in quality sleep that pays dividends, so don’t skimp on this issue.

Here are 2 simple steps to help you figure out if it’s time to go to the bedding store.

First, just look at a pillow without a pillowcase. How she looks like? All good? Are there spots, holes formed, feather sticking out, obvious holes in the filler? Sniff what it smells like. The fact is that the pillow is a real dust collector, where dead skin cells and sometimes dust mites and fungi live. If you don’t bother regularly cleaning and washing your pillows, it will all sleep with you every night, causing allergies, breathing difficulties while you sleep, etc. So, if something confused, feel free to throw it away.

If your pillow has passed the visual inspection and smell test flawlessly, it’s time to fold it in half. You can put something like a book on it, or even sit on top for a short time. If you stand up and the pillow still lies and does not move, trying to return to its normal shape, it is dead.

Now you know what to do if you are used to folding your pillow in half to make it easier to sleep.

How to find the right pillow?

Choosing a pillow is a very individual process, but I’ll try to cover the main points to look out for. Preferred sleeping position During the night, we change body position several times, but you may still know your preferences, from which you can build on when choosing a pillow.

Side-sleepers need a relatively high pillow because when you lie on your side with your head resting on the pillow, your spine should be in line from your neck to your lower back. Please note that in addition to height, it is important to choose a comfortable stiffness. In a specialized store, you will find pillows of different sizes, the height of which is selected based on the person’s height and his characteristics. Lovers of sleeping on their stomachs need something low and soft to avoid deformations of the cervical spine. If you sleep on your stomach and have back pain, try moving the pillow to your pelvic area. But, there are not so many people who sleep on their stomachs – usually this is the middle option between “on the back” and “on the stomach” – in this case, a good solution would be a pillow for the whole body, which many women discover during pregnancy. Back sleepers need a medium-sized pillow to align their head and neck as if you were upright. If you have cervical spine pain, look at contour pillows for extra support. Regardless of which position you sleep in, the pillow should be under your head, not under your shoulders, and should be thick enough to allow your head to sit naturally in relation to your body. Filler Fillers for pillows are divided into natural and synthetic. Each type of filler has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a filler, focus primarily on softness. A good pillow can be both soft and hard. By the way, pillows made of fluff, wool or cotton last longer than with synthetic filling, therefore, in terms of price-quality ratio, they win in the long term. Down pillows are most often made from duck or goose feathers – they are the softest. Different combinations of feathers, down and other fillers allow you to achieve different densities. These are the most popular pillows that can be used to achieve perfect density by simply knocking down. They have one drawback – they are not suitable for people with an allergy to down and feathers, asthmatics. This category of patients most often prefers synthetic fillers or cotton. Synthetic down and polyester . Synthetic down pillows are cheaper than natural ones, but they lose their properties faster and often require replacement. They are of medium hardness and soft, although they still fall short of downy ones. Spring cushions also appear in this category. The wool used in the pillows is hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to mildew and dust mites. Six has unique thermoregulatory properties – it removes moisture and maintains a comfortable temperature in winter and summer. But these pillows are hard enough. The softest filler in this category is alpaca wool. Cotton , like wool, does not cause allergies, is resistant to dust mites and mold. Cotton pillows are generally quite firm and, more often than not, low. Latex pillows are stronger than down pillows , retain their shape well, are soft enough, are suitable for allergy sufferers, are resistant to mold and dust mites. Often contoured pillows designed to provide additional head and neck support are made of latex. Memory foam was developed for NASA, and this could be the point. These pillows are now being actively promoted. In response to body weight and warmth, memory foam softens the contours of the head, neck and shoulders. The pillow remembers the shape of your body and distributes the weight evenly over the entire surface. The main drawback is that foam is a heat-storing material and the head can sweat, although the developers are constantly working on this. Well, at first it can smell. Pillow weight The weight of the pillow does not play a role in spinal health, but if you regularly take a pillow on travel, it is better to choose the lightest option – down or synthetic. Size The thickness of the pillow should allow you to sleep with your head, neck, and shoulders in line with your spine. Don’t chase after fluffy pillows, but if you put your hand under your head, or fold the pillow, it is not high enough for you. Once you’ve decided on the height and filling, choose the highest quality pillow your budget will allow. Just count how much time you will spend on it in 2 years – almost 6,000 hours! Specialized salons allow you to try different options for pillows in the hall before buying, do not neglect this service. Take your time with the choice. If you want to be sure, there are hotels with a pillow menu. You can test different options on a trip and come from vacation not only with a tan, but also with a decision – which pillow to choose! 2

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