How to apply darsonval?

I love to wander around sites with various product reviews. And if I don’t believe most of the reviews, as the sellers themselves write them, that is, a site on which real people write. I am sure of this, because I personally know many users. But this retreat …

So, a review caught my eye: “I have had Darsonval for a long time, this is my lifesaver. A pimple appeared – cleans, a wrinkle is outlined – smoothes, hair has deteriorated – it heals! ”

And I really wanted to get hold of such a device. I bought something, but I forgot how to use darsonval. I had to go all the way to it, since the instructions for my purchase turned out to be painfully short and incomprehensible. What does this device do? It works according to the darsonvalization method – it acts by pulsed alternating currents on various parts of the body, thereby causing contraction of those muscles that are naturally difficult to use.

The use of darsonval activates blood circulation, the body’s metabolic processes and increases vitality. How do I know if you can use darsonval? Naturally, it is better to consult a doctor and consult with him. But in the indications for use there are clear contraindications for those who suffer from thrombophlebitis, cardiac arrhythmias, epilepsy, tuberculosis. In addition, the use of darsonval is contraindicated for pregnant women, people with a pacemaker, malignant tumors, bleeding disorders, severe rosacea. No matter how you want to apply darsonval to people with the problems listed above, you should not do this.

As a rule, the following nozzles may be included in a darsonval kit:

– “comb”, it’s also the head nozzle, which is used for carrying out procedures with hair;

– mushroom nozzle, which is used for procedures on small areas of the body;

– T-shaped nozzle, which is used in the treatment of cellulitis, osteochondrosis, varicose veins, etc .;

– a nozzle in the form of a stick that successfully cauterizes pimples;

– nozzle for gums, which is used to combat diseases of the oral cavity;

– a nose nozzle that is used to treat a runny nose.

This does not mean that all nozzles come in each set, so before buying it is worth considering which nozzles you most need. If desired, some nozzles can be purchased separately.

How to use darsonval, for example, to stimulate hair bulb cells and strengthen and nourish hair? To do this, apply nutritious hair oil to the hair. We select a small power of the device and for 5-7 minutes we work with a comb attachment. If there is no oil, you can simply treat the hair from the roots to the ends, leading the comb nozzle along it. By the way, you can extend the pleasure, but not more than 15 minutes of exposure to the device. I noticed that after I started applying darsonval 2 times a week, my hair began to fall out less. What can not but rejoice. Today I would buy it if only for the sake of it.

Darsonval also helps with neuralgia, radiculitis, sleep disorders, migraines, skin problems and other “troubles.” I tested the effect on the skin and osteochondrosis. I will say one thing – I don’t know whether the device is treating or not, but that’s what relieves pain, it’s true! After the third session, I felt relief. How to use darsonval with osteochondrosis, the doctor told me, for some reason there was not a word about this in the instructions. We take a T-shaped nozzle and drive it along the spine. The first procedure should last no more than 5 minutes, subsequently, you can increase the procedure time to 15 minutes.

Well, and perhaps the most pleasant thing is that with the help of darsonvalization, you can reduce the number of wrinkles and make the skin more elastic. Verified helps. You just need to remember to use the device. Read the instructions and adhere to it clearly, then you can get rid of many problems.

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