Hernia and protrusion – symptoms, treatment, prevention

The widespread belief that back diseases are exclusively elderly people’s companions is increasingly refuted by modern realities. Young people, like people in years, suffer from back pain caused by protrusion or intervertebral hernia.

How is an intervertebral hernia formed?

The disease, as a rule, occurs against the background of existing diseases of the spine, for example, osteochondrosis, mechanical damage, metabolic disorders, blood circulation, entailing insufficient intake of nutrients to the intervertebral discs. Therefore, they lose their elasticity and become less durable.

Each intervertebral disc is surrounded and restrained by the fibrous ring. Under the influence of the above pathogenic factors, the disc loses its shape and begins to protrude. Such a protrusion, which is still restrained by the fibrous ring, and entails the appearance of protrusion. If it erupts, then a hernia occurs, and treatment in this case requires surgical intervention. In order to prevent such serious consequences, we must try to stop the disease at the stage of protrusion. Its first harbingers are the appearance of pain in the region of a modified disc. Depending on where it is located, the remaining symptoms are determined. The pain can give in the limbs, cause their numbness and weakness, cause headaches and sudden changes in blood pressure.
Treatment and prevention

If these symptoms are detected, you should immediately contact a neurologist. Based on the above complaints and the results of an MRI scan, the doctor makes a diagnosis and prescribes a treatment that is comprehensive: you need to get rid of not only painful sensations, but also eliminate the causes that provoke them.

The most commonly used methods of physiotherapy, therapeutic massage and gymnastic exercises. From drugs, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs are used, as well as drugs that increase the elasticity and firmness of cartilage.

And, of course, the best way to deal with back diseases is their timely prevention. Exercising, mobility, healthy eating – these are good habits that will protect their owners not only from pain in the spine, but also other health problems.


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