Harm Heels

Every woman at least sometimes puts on high-heeled shoes. Of course, women’s legs, decorated with high heels, look much more spectacular, but not every woman thinks about the consequences of wearing heels. Modern capricious fashion loves to put a woman on a high heel, although not everyone knows the harm of heels.

Some fashion historians believe that high heels are the idea of ​​men, thereby making the woman in their eyes even more attractive and sexier. However, men did not think about the dangers of heels, which can have a very negative effect on a woman’s condition.

What heels do

Firstly, when walking in high heels there is a shift in the center of gravity. The center shifts forward, the back goes back to maintain balance. There is a displacement of the vertebrae of the pelvis, increased bending of the back, internal organs are displaced. The result is osteochondrosis, muscle pain, curvature of the spine, etc.

In addition, there is a redistribution of load on the foot. The whole load falls on the toe. As a result, some muscles and joints atrophy and change, blood circulation is disturbed, the foot ceases to absorb. As a result, a woman has every chance to earn flat feet, arthritis, arthrosis, edema, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins.

Damage to heels for pregnant women is especially dangerous. Constant excessive muscle tension, increase and without this strong load, impaired blood supply. As a result, a woman may be at risk of miscarriage, violation of the fetal position, stretch marks on the abdomen, swelling, lower back pain. Trite, but the harm of high heels lies in the fact that they increase the risk of injury, as due to instability, you can easily fall.

In fairness, it should be said that a perfectly flat sole is also unhealthy, as it prevents the initial roll of the foot during walking. The most optimal is a heel with a height of two to five centimeters. Orthopedic surgeons believe that any heel above five centimeters is harmful to health.

Heel damage – how to choose the right shoes

Despite all the warnings of doctors, the harm of heels will never affect fashion – women will not wear heels less often if they get used to them. In this regard, it is very important to know how to minimize harm to heels.

First of all, when choosing shoes, you need to pay attention to the insole. If the original insole is bad, it is best to immediately replace it with a special orthopedic one, which will allow you to distribute the weight evenly throughout the foot.

The next rule – even if you constantly want to wear high heels, they must be alternated with shoes without a heel, for example, ballet shoes or ankle boots. At the end of a day spent in high heels, foot baths and foot massage will help to relax your legs.

But women with a predisposition to any disease, such as veins of the lower extremities or joints, should completely refuse to wear high heels. After all, health is more expensive.

Compliance with elementary recommendations will make wearing even high heels comfortable and harmless. At work, it is better to prefer heeled shoes with a height of not more than five centimeters. If the work allows you to sit during the working day or give your feet a rest, removing shoes, then you can choose a higher heel. It is preferable to choose shoes in the salons and shops in the evening, since by the end of the day the leg swells a little, and the woman will not risk buying too narrow shoes. And, of course, the main criterion for choosing the right shoe is the comfort experienced when putting it on.

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