Exercises in osteochondrosis of the cervical

Exercises in osteochondrosis of the cervical   allow you to strengthen muscles, restore impaired blood flow and relieve pain. The only condition: they must be met when the state of health allows it – without aggravation.

Exercise therapy and exercise for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

Strengthening the neck muscles is the main goal pursued by all physical activity in osteochondrosis. Treatment of the disease at the initial stage allows you to avoid the development of such unpleasant consequences as protrusion or   hernia   intervertebral disc.

What methods of cervical discharge are most effective?

  • Swimming.
  • Calm exercises from yoga and pilates,
  • Special complexes of physical therapy.

Complex exercises for cervical osteochondrosis

Neck Exercises for Cervical Osteochondrosis   They are two fundamentally different groups:

one.   Stretching, with which the muscle fibers along the cervical spine provide blood flow and enhanced   nutrition. Stretching muscles can effectively relieve their spasm.

What exercises are performed in this group?

  • slow bending of the head all the way to the left or right, followed by rolling across the chest to the opposite side, and then returning to the starting position. Performed in a sitting position on a chair, the back should be level, legs should be on the floor. It is necessary to make 4-5 repeats left and right;
  • stretching the neck from sitting on a chair, palms resting on the knees. The head should not be leaning forward. In the extreme position, when the neck is extended, you need to linger for 5-10 seconds, then lower your head until the muscles are completely relaxed. The number of repetitions – 4-5;
  • performed in a standing position with a flat back, 7-8 repetitions: the right hand stretches down, and at the same time the left shoulder – up. The position of the body does not change, it is forbidden to tilt it to the sides.

2   Strengthening the muscular system allows you to slow the deformity of the spinal column. In addition, trained muscles are less susceptible to spasmodic contractions, which means that the blood vessels that pass through them will not be compressed.

What are strengthening   exercises in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine   give a good effect?

  • “Spelling” of letters of the alphabet of 25-30 cm in size with the help of a pencil clamped in the teeth. Body position – sitting on a chair, back should be straight. Execution time – 2-3 minutes, provided that   pain   in the neck either absent or weak;
  • tilting the head back in a sitting position on a chair with a straight back, arms raised behind the head and locked in a lock on the neck. The body remains smooth, only the head is tilted, while with the hands tied around the neck, it is necessary to resist tilting. Exercise duration – 2-3 minutes: 10 seconds of resistance, 10 seconds – rest;
  • supine position, resting on the forearms and elbows. The head thrown back slowly rolls 7-8 times from one shoulder to the other, each time feeling the tension of the muscles.

After the set of exercises is performed, it is necessary to protect the heated neck muscles from hypothermia with a scarf, towel or collar. This will prevent muscle spasm and helps prevent pain. If exercise therapy is part of medical procedures, and the course of treatment involves the use of ointments and other external preparations, then apply them to the affected areas at the end of the exercises: the “heated” muscles with increased blood flow will allow the medicine to be absorbed more effectively.

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