Electro -ultrasound therapy and vacuum massage on the Zimmer device PhySys

Physiotherapy apparatus Zimmer

Useful for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the joints, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

In addition, it can be used in alternative therapies. A unique feature of the Zimmer physiotherapy machine is its ability to combine electro -ultrasound therapy and vacuum massage. The specialist can choose an individual combination of procedures according to your needs. For example, for back pain, the doctor can choose electro -ultrasound therapy of varying degrees of intensity.

It’s nice to know that so much is hidden in such a small Physys device : German high technology and over 40 years of experience.


  • Treatment of acute and chronic pain;
  • Treatment of muscular atrophy;
  • Muscle relaxation;
  • Muscle training;
  • Muscular rehabilitation;
  • Sports muscular work;
  • Stimulation of metabolism;
  • Treatment of inflammation;
  • Muscular diagnostics.

By combining different types of physiotherapy in one device, Zimmer makes it possible to carry out:

  • combined ultrasound + electrotherapy;
  • combined electrotherapy + vacuum massage;
  • combined ultrasound + electrotherapy + vacuum massage.

How is the physiotherapy session / work during the procedure

To undergo a course of physiotherapy on the Zimmer apparatus , you must first consult with your doctor. Our doctor will use his/her expert opinion to determine the number of sessions, the duration of the course and the necessary procedures depending on the examination and evaluation. This evaluation may include electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, or vacuum massage.

A new way to promote health is the use of the Zimmer apparatus during physiotherapy. This machine delivers current to help you feel better, depending on the frequency and voltage settings you choose for each patient. Some overweight people may find that wearing a specially designed belt also improves their performance. Ultrasound therapy has a warming effect that relaxes muscle tissue. You can also use an ultrasound machine on the Zimmer to provide a focused effect on the area to be treated.

Physiotherapy procedures / indications for Zimmer

Therapeutic physiotherapy on the Zimmer apparatus for:

  • Joint damage
  • The patient experiences muscle pain and spasms
  • You may experience a sense of “recovery” after a traumatic event
  • Inflammation, including in the joints
  • Skin diseases
  • Phantom limb pain

The Zimmer device is an effective tool for pain relief, joint and muscle rehabilitation, and injury recovery. There are many positive aspects to using Zimmer ‘s physical therapy procedures. First, it takes into account various therapies, including ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, and vacuum massage.

The only way to make an appointment is to consult with a specialist, who can then choose the right course of action for your particular case.

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