Disc protrusion treatment – conservative and surgical methods

The situation when the core of the disk is deformed and protrudes beyond its normal border, but does not rupture the outer shell, is called protrusion . This disease is the initial stage of hernia formation.

Early diagnosis is very important. Timely treatment of protrusion will prevent the progression of the pathology. In many cases, a complete cure is possible.

Protrusion treatment aims to relieve the patient of discomfort and pain. After removing the acute phase of the disease, the doctor makes an appointment to overcome the cause of the disease, as far as each specific case allows.

Drug treatment of protrusion of intervertebral discs

If the patient is in pain, this means that the bulging part of the disc oppresses the radicular nerves. A dangerous situation can be if the protrusion presses the spinal cord, there is a restriction of movement and many unpleasant symptoms in the limbs and other parts of the body.

To relieve acute inflammation, the course of treatment begins with drug therapy:

  1. NSAID drugs have a complex effect on the focus of the problem. They :
    • relieve pain
    • extinguish the inflammatory process,
    • act anti-edema .

These include:

    • Indomethacin,
    • Ibuprofen,
    • Ketonal ,
    • Diclofenac,
    • Movalis ,
    • Ketoprofen,
    • Piroxicam .

Medicines have many contraindications. The appointment is made only by a doctor, self-medication is unacceptable. These drugs are not indicated for patients with stomach ulcers.

The funds are available in the form of tablets, ointments and injections. In the first days, nonsteroidal drugs are prescribed intramuscularly, then tablet forms and ointments are connected.

  1. If the reduction of inflammation in the tissues around the protrusion did not help to relax the muscle spasm, then the specialist may prescribe muscle relaxants. These include:
    • Tizanidine,
    • Midocalm ,
    • Baclofen ,
    • Tolperisone.
  2. To improve the condition of the disc tissues, preparations are added to the complex that support their nutrition. Chondroprotectors:
    • Alflutop ,
    • Terraflex .

Vitamin complexes:

    • Pyridoxine,
    • Milgamma ,
    • Neuromultivitis .
  • To improve blood supply, they are prescribed:
    • Euphyllin,
    • Pentoxifylline.
  • If necessary, the complex of treatment is complemented by decongestants:
    • Lasix,
    • Furosemide,
    • Uregid ,
    • Hypothiazide,
    • Torasemide .
  • If the therapy does not alleviate the patient’s condition, then an epidural block is possible. Hormones and substances for anesthesia are injected into the lesion with a special needle under X-ray supervision. The procedure is performed using anesthesia. Often, after the blockade, the patient’s condition improves significantly.


Whether to do a regular massage in the treatment of protrusion should be determined by the doctor.

Blood flow to the affected disc can cause swelling and severe flare-ups. If the protrusion does not bother, then it is possible to carry out a massage with a specialist of this profile.

Types of massage:

  • Wellness. It is aimed at strengthening the muscles, relieving spasms, in order to unload the nucleus of the damaged disc.
  • Shiatsu. This is the effect on the acupuncture points by pressing the fingers. Increases the patient’s energy. Can be very effective.
  • Manual therapy. The procedure is performed (if indicated) in order to return the vertebrae and discs to their natural position. A vertebra that has departed from the correct dislocation is blocked by muscles , and the body tries to keep the spine upright. Muscle spasms are painful and provoke inflammation. An experienced chiropractor can help place the vertebra in place and remove the dead end.
  • Segmental reflex. The spinal cord is conventionally subdivided into segments. The spinal nerves, controlling organs, also have a connection with skin areas. Massage, acting on such an area, improves the functioning of the corresponding organ and general well-being.
  • Therapeutic classic. It strengthens the muscles of the back, helping to create a secure brace to support the spine.
  • Acupuncture. This is the piercing of points with increased biological activity with needles. It looks like shiatsu, the same points, but different effects on them.
  • Wellness centers use new massage methods:
    • Structural manual therapy – a soft effect on the ligaments, skeletal system and muscles is performed in order to correct abnormal movements of elements in the spine.
    • Post-isometric relaxation – the doctor makes movements with the patient, the patient creates tension at the right moment in the parts of the body at the command of a specialist.

Surgical method

If the examination has shown a dangerous oppression of the spinal cord or nerve, surgery is recommended. You will also need surgery if conservative methods have not brought improvement.

With protrusion , surgery is rarely resorted to, only if no other way out can be found. Modern techniques do not provide for large incisions.

  • Endoscopic method is a minimally invasive laser intervention.
  • The traditional method is to remove part of the vertebral arches during the intervention. If necessary, the diseased disc is excised and its absence is compensated for with a graft – a small fragment taken from the pelvic bone. This method is already gradually giving way to more modern counterparts.
  • Microsurgery is the least traumatic. After its implementation, a recovery period of short duration is required.

Folk remedies at home

During the period of remission, you can apply folk recipes. On this issue, be sure to consult a doctor.

Popular wisdom has verified its methods for centuries. And they can be very effective.

When selecting prescriptions, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Recipe number 1

Smear the area of ​​the spine with turpentine. Put a towel soaked in warm milk on top. Leave the compress on your back for two hours.

Recipe number 2

Turpentine baths can improve metabolism. They rejuvenate, stimulate tissue regeneration, and restore body functions.

A mixture is made:

  • crushed baby soap,
  • a glass of turpentine,
  • salicylic acid (1%) 30 ml,

The ingredients are diluted in a liter of hot water.

They take baths by adding three tablespoons of the mixture to water heated to 45 degrees. You can carry out the first five procedures every day, from 6 to 20 every other day, and from 21 to 40 twice a week.

For the cervical spine

  • To relieve muscle spasm, cakes are made by kneading oat bran in a small amount of hot water. The flatbreads are applied while still warm on the neck area. Wrapped up with a scarf through cellophane.
  • To relieve edema, take a decoction of celery. Pour five grams of chopped root with boiling water, insist. The broth is drunk three times a day, one tablespoon.
  • To replenish the content of potassium and calcium in the body, they take sesame seeds. Drink a teaspoon twice a day.
  • If there are no painful sensations in the cervical spine, then a useful exercise for this zone: lie on the rolling pin with your neck and roll it up and down.


It is necessary to rub the place of the problem with tincture of St. John’s wort for thirty days.

How to cook:

  • One hundred grams of dried St. John’s wort is added to a half-liter can of vodka.
  • In a dark place, the tincture is kept for seven days.
  • Strain to separate the grass.


Every day, at night, you can rub birch oil into the lower back. This can be done until relief comes.

How to cook:

  • A three-liter jar is filled with birch leaves.
  • Pour corn oil into a container.
  • The jar is covered with a lid and left on the windowsill for a period of fourteen days.
  • Shake the product every day.
  • The finished oil is poured through a sieve to separate the leaves.


Non-drug treatments rely on exercise. Its principles provide for soft movements without jerking and with static components.

Physical education helps to stretch the desired muscle group, strengthen the back corset. Charging improves the power of the drives.

It is necessary that the attending physician select the set of exercises . It is better to exercise at least the first time under the supervision of an instructor.

Asanas from oriental techniques are very suitable for the treatment of protrusion . Their direction:

  • do not overload the body, do exercises while it is comfortable,
  • low speed, smooth movement,
  • proven positions for centuries, giving health and youth.


There are some simple rules for maintaining spine health.

  1. Disc tissue needs nutrients.
    • It is necessary to ensure that the diet is balanced and complete. Destructive processes in the discs can begin due to lack of nutrients.
    • It is necessary to give the spine a feasible moderate load. It can be a set of exercises, swimming, walking. The disc receives its nourishment from adjacent tissues. It itself has no blood vessels. Nutrients are supplied by diffusion. For this process to take place, it is necessary for the spine to receive motor loads.
    • Stop smoking. This bad habit reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. This fact impairs metabolic processes, inhibits the nutrition of tissue cells.
  2. It is necessary to load the spine, taking into account its physiological characteristics, so that conditions are not created for the displacement of the vertebrae and discs, as a result of which protrusion can occur .
    • When lifting weights, try to keep the spine straight and vertical. Legs, if necessary, at the time of lifting the load from the floor, you can bend at the knees.
    • Monitor your posture. Incorrect posture of the spine or impaired posture carries with it the possibility of osteochondrosis and subsequently protrusions . This is due to inharmonious loads on the elements of the spine.
    • It is necessary to properly organize the place of sleep. The mattress is selected moderately hard or orthopedic. Consideration should be given to choosing a pillow. It is selected individually, taking into account its parameters and characteristics.
    • It is necessary to avoid systematic overload of the spine.

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