Compression fracture of the spine, all about it and how to avoid it

Many people face numerous diseases every year. And fractures are not in the last place among the prevalence of these diseases. But few people know that fractures have their own prevention. Read and know about spinal compression fracture. How to diagnose it. How to avoid and what you need to do if you are at risk.

Compression fracture of the spine

Quite dangerous and, nevertheless, a common injury called a compression fracture of the spine. Occurs as a result of car accidents or as a result of a jump from a great height when safety precautions are not followed.

What does this fracture represent?

Since a fracture is an injury that occurs during joint flexion and compression, it is logical that cracks in the vertebral bone also form here. Plus, the surrounding tissues, muscles, blood vessels and even nerves are also involved. If, after an injury or a fall, you begin to suffer from back pain, then consult a specialist, perhaps this is a compression fracture. It can affect the thoracic spine, lumbar in most cases.


Here is a whole list of symptoms that hints to you that this is a compression fracture of the spine:

  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Rapid fatigue and weakness.
  • Girdle nature of pain in the abdomen.
  • Pain on palpation along the axis of the spine.
  • The mobility of the spine is limited.
  • Numbness of legs, arms, weakness.
  • Giving to the legs, arms, back pain.
  • After and at the time of the injury, severe enough back pain.

What danger hides a compression fracture of the spine

All the consequences of a compression fracture injury are quite dangerous. It can be various kinds of neurological disorders and stenosis (narrowing) of the spinal canal. If you do not start treatment on time, then there is a curvature of the spine. The thoracic region bends backward, and this curvature is called kyphotic deformity. And an even more serious complication can also occur, with compression of the spinal cord, paralysis. It can be paralysis of the legs or paralysis of the arms. Also their joint immobility.

Diagnosis of a compression fracture of the spine

In order for the specialist to be able to make a reliable diagnosis. And, specifically, what complex examinations are needed to confirm the diagnosis of a compression fracture of the spine – the main diagnostic methods that the doctor relies on:

  1. Laboratory research.
  2. Electrocardiogram ECG.
  3. Ultrasound examination.
  4. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI.

Treatment of a compression fracture of the spine

For the treatment of a compression fracture of the spine, the following methods are used:

  • medical treatment;
  • blockade of the joints and spine;
  • rehabilitation on the simulator;
  • Fermatron injections ;
  • acupuncture.

What is the treatment for a compression fracture of the spine?

  1. Restores flexibility.
  2. Restores natural curves.
  3. Relieves back pain.
  4. Returns the vertebrae to their normal position.
  5. The back muscles are strengthened.
  6. The metabolism improves.
  7. Blood supply is normalized.

After the treatment, immunity is strengthened, a person can move and bend freely. The patient again feels a surge of strength.

After treatment, the patient receives a special set (collection) of exercises. And their person will perform at home. Further, within a year, after the end of treatment, the patient has the right to come and receive consultations free of charge.

There are cases when the above methods of treatment do not help the patient. And at these moments, the patient cannot avoid surgical intervention. And since each operation is not only the most complex intervention, it is, first of all, the subsequent rehabilitation. It is about her that will be discussed further. Since the patient needs it, recovery techniques are developed specifically for him. There is a selection of procedures that can restore spinal damage resulting from an injury in Odessa.

Benefits of rehabilitation:

  • It will restore the flexibility of the spine.
  • The blood supply will be restored.
  • Mobility will return.
  • Strengthens the ligaments of the back.
  • Strengthens the muscles themselves.

Cases when a fracture of this type may occur:

  • occurring as a result of a fall;
  • occurrence after a car accident;
  • when jumping from a great height to your feet;
  • professional injury;
  • sports injury.

Do not forget about those cases when the spine itself is already weakened, then a gentle blow is enough to damage it. For example, in osteoporosis, the likelihood of such a fracture will be much higher. Because as a result of a progressive disease, the bones become brittle and their density decreases. It is logical that they are not able to withstand the load. And in these cases, it is enough to fall off a chair or just fall on the street. According to statistics, a compression fracture of the spine in 40 percent occurs in women who are over 80 years old. It is impossible not to touch upon diseases with an onco marker. And in these cases, the risk of getting this type of injury increases significantly, due to the appearance of malignant tumors.


Strengthening bones as a preventive measure includes such simple things:

  • fitness;
  • swimming;
  • run;
  • dancing;
  • walking in sunny weather (production of vitamin D);
  • annual diagnostics;
  • in nutrition, enrich yourself with calcium (cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, almonds, herbs, fish), vitamin D (sour cream, sesame seeds, eggs), zinc (legumes, seafood, liver, celery).

But to restore bone density, such products will be useful: walnuts, bananas, cereals. Experts also offer to remove such hazards from the diet: soda, alcohol, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, strong tea, cigarettes.

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