Carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel syndrome is pain in the hand, in particular in the right, which occurs due to prolonged use of the computer keyboard. For some time now, carpal tunnel syndrome has been regarded as a professional ailment of people whose work is connected with a computer.

Etiological factors of carpal tunnel syndrome

The causes of the development of carpal tunnel syndrome may be pinched nerve endings in the wrist channel. Pinching can occur due to swelling of the tendon tissue, which is adjacent to the affected nerves. In addition, the nerve itself may swell.

Strengthens the carpal tunnel syndrome constant load on this area in the process of working at the keyboard. At the same time, monotonous work often presents a particular risk, for example, constant work of the right hand on a computer mouse. In addition, tunnel syndrome can develop with an uncomfortable hand position, if the wrist area is forced to constantly strain.

Signs of carpal tunnel syndrome

In the process of progression of the carpal tunnel syndrome, pain and discomfort in the carpal region, numbness of the palms and fingers.

You should know that pain in the wrist can occur not only due to pinching of the nerve endings, but also when the spine is damaged, for example, with the development of osteochondrosis, herniated discs, in other words, with such injuries when the nerve of the spinal canal is injured.

Diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome

Diagnosis of this disease is carried out during examination by a neurologist. Of the instrumental methods, electromyography is used, which sets the stage of damage to nerves and tissues.

Therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome

If severe pain in the wrist occurs, with a strong inflammatory process, drug therapy is recommended. Such treatment consists of injections of drugs of the corticosteroid group into the wrist area, the use of drugs to accelerate blood circulation, drugs that relieve inflammation.

A balanced diet and saturation of the body with microelements and vitamin complexes will help accelerate recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, biological additives are very useful in this regard. All these measures normalize the usual way of life and accelerate the recovery process.

If medication does not give a positive result, then there may be a need for surgical intervention, which can be endoscopic or open.

Prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome

– The main measure is the competent organization of their workplace;

– in the process of working on the keyboard, it is necessary to observe the bend angle of the elbow joint close to ninety degrees;

– in the process of working with the mouse, it is desirable to keep the brush straight. The brush should rest on the desktop, as far as possible from its edge. The elbow should be located on the surface of the table;

– if the tunnel syndrome worries quite often, you can purchase a special mouse pad with a gel pad under the wrist.

– the working chair should preferably be equipped with armrests;

– It is recommended to flex your wrists regularly.

Wrist Exercises

– shake hands, relaxing the brush;

– clench your fingers into fists ten times;

– perform rotational movements of the hands;

– Place one hand on the palm of the other and press, as if rotating the brush and wrist to the outside.

These exercises will help restore blood circulation in the tissues of the wrist and increase their elasticity.

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