If osteochondrosis sufferers learn to sit, stand, lie, then they can prevent the pain …

“Entered in the lower back”, “backache”, “severe back pain, giving up in the leg,” – this is how people usually speak about their sensations caused by osteochondrosis of the spine. In this disease, discs suffer – cartilaginous spacers between the vertebrae, due to which the intervertebral foramina are narrowed and the spinal nerve roots exiting through them are impaired. This is what causes severe pain. But if people with osteochondrosis learn to sit, stand, lie, they can prevent or reduce the pain.


Avoid too upholstered furniture — it’s not for you. In order not to overly press on the spine, the body must be supported by the ischial tubercles, and this is possible only on hard seats.

To the furniture on which you have to sit for a long time, the following requirements are made: the height of the chair, the chair must correspond to the length of the leg – it is necessary that the leg rests on the floor. The maximum depth of the seat is approximately 2 hips. One last thing: there should be enough legroom under the table so that they do not have to bend too much.

If you have to sit for a long time, try to warm up a little, approximately every 15–20 minutes, to change the position of your legs.

Make sure your back is tight against the back of the chair. Sit up straight, not tilting your head too much and not bending your torso in order not to strain the muscles of your body.

Behind the wheel of the car try to sit without stress. It is important that the back has good support. If such a support is not provided by the seat design, place a thin cushion between the lower back and the back of the chair, which will keep the lumbar curve. After a few hours of driving, get out of the car and do basic gymnastic exercises: turns, bends, squats – 8-10 times each.

In front of the TV screen do not sit and do not lie long in one pose. Periodically change it, get up to porazmyatsya.


When a person is standing, the spine experiences significant load e s, especially the lumbar s nd his department. Change your position every 10–15 minutes, while alternately relying on one leg or the other, this will reduce the load on the spine. If possible – go on the spot, move. Time is about time to bend back, stretching your arms up, taking a deep breath. This can somewhat relieve fatigue of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck, neck, back.

If you wash dishes, iron, alternately place one or the other foot on a small stool or drawer. Suffering from osteochondrosis, it is better to sit or put the ironing board so that you do not have to stoop low.

While cleaning the apartment, working with a vacuum cleaner, also try not to bend low, rather lengthen the hose with additional tubes. Cleaning under the bed, under the table, stand on one knee. To lift an item with floor, squat down or bend over, bending your knees, leaning your hand on a chair or table. So you overload the lumbar spine.


One of the main causes of exacerbation of osteochondrosis and the formation of hernias of the intervertebral disk, especially in the lumbosacral region, is the lifting and transfer of weights. Sharp, sudden pain occurs when gravity is raised sharply, jerk, and then carry a heavy object in the direction of turning, etc. This body.

Do not carry a heavy load in one hand, especially over a long distance. It is unacceptable, holding gravity, sharply bend and unbend (lean back).

We advise a patient with osteochondrosis not to lift or carry weight more than 15 kilograms. For carrying weights over a considerable distance, a backpack with wide shoulder straps is very convenient. Will help trolley or bag on wheels. But if you really have to raise Thee Well eloe observe certain rules. Wear it if you eat, weightlifter belt or any wide belt. Squat on the haunches, with the back should be straight, neck straightened. Grabbing with both hands’ gravity, rise, not bending your back.


Sleep better on a soft bed, but not on the boards. The bed must be semi-rigid so that the body, when the person is lying on its back, preserves its physiological curves.

When your back hurts, many people prefer to sleep on their stomachs. So that the loin is not much sagging, which causes even more pain, place a small pillow under the abdomen.

Getting out of bed in the morning after sleep can be very difficult in the presence of acute pain. Do this: first do a few simple exercises with your hands and feet, then, if you sleep on your back, turn on your stomach, lower one leg to the floor. Relying on it and on your arms, transfer your body weight to your knee and gradually get up, without making any sudden movements.

And one more tip. Those who like a bath, preferably dry steam (sauna), but during the exacerbation of the sauna is better to refuse.

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