A set of exercises for osteochondrosis of the neck and spine

A set of exercises in osteochondrosis is a key component of the treatment process for this common disease. Therapeutic gymnastics is a complex of physical exercises, which are selected individually. This allows you to take into account the physiological features and the level of patient preparation. Prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis can be carried out with the help of various activities, but it was gymnastics that proved its 100% effectiveness.

How is the treatment of osteochondrosis

So that the patient can quickly defeat osteochondrosis, treatment,   exercises   and the medication should be prescribed by the attending physician. Self-medication can be ineffective or even dangerous.

If the patient suffers from back pain, then first of all the doctor prescribes a course of medications that will help eliminate pain. Only after successfully getting rid of unpleasant sensations is an individual   exercise complex   with osteochondrosis. Gymnastics can be combined with physiotherapy and massage. A significant drawback of physiotherapy activities is their unstable effect. In some cases, physiotherapy may be completely useless, while massages and workouts are equally effective for all patients. This is their attractiveness from the point of view of people who do not want to waste time on ineffective treatment methods.

How to get rid of diseases of the back with the help of sports

Osteochondrosis is a chronic disease characterized by periods of exacerbation. In case of severe pain syndrome, physical exertion should be completely eliminated, even refusing medical exercises. You can return to classes only after the end of the acute phase.

In drawing up a set of exercises, preference should be given to those that do not cause pain. You can not defeat osteochondrosis through   pain, because discomfort indicates the risk of injury. During the workout, a sensation of light discomfort is acceptable. If any of the movements began to cause pain, you need to give it up for a while and try again after a break of several days.

There are many proven exercises to help cope with osteochondrosis. In case of cervical osteochondrosis it is very useful to raise the head in the supine position, keeping it at the top point for a few seconds. To get rid of osteochondrosis in the thoracic region, you should stand up straight and perform circular movements with your shoulders, performing ten repetitions in each direction. It is recommended to avoid sharp movements and turns. Also during the session you must constantly monitor your posture.

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