10 Amosov exercises for the development of the motor apparatus

Amosov’s exercises are a set of movements that harmoniously affect the entire human musculoskeletal system.

Performing this complex is shown only to those people who do not have circulatory system dysfunctions, that is, in the absence of pain in the heart – angina pectoris, arrhythmias or hypertension, since these exercises lead to sudden changes in blood pressure, which in turn reduces cardiac blood flow.

In general, exercises are suitable mainly for all people under 60 years old, without significant problems with the vascular-cardiac system.

Academician Amosov himself, speaking about his set of exercises, emphasizes that this technique is not an ideal panacea for all problems with the musculoskeletal system, and it is not at all necessary to perform the entire thousand exercises, but it is worth choosing individually only those that will help to cope with specific problems of the spine or shoulder joints, taking into account the individual characteristics of a person.

Amosov recommends starting with 10-15 repetitions of one exercise, gradually increasing the number of repetitions of a certain exercise until this load is optimal for the body, due to personal characteristics and physical fitness. It is not at all necessary to perform a clearly defined number of repetitions, whether it be 10 or 100, comparing your results with the results of others involved in the same program. Here everything is individual and without competition.

As for the number of repetitions of the author of the technique himself, Amosov performed each of his exercises 100 times at the maximum pace, and in general it took him about half an hour to complete the complex, and the pulse was in the range of 110-120 beats. \min.

But this pace, which is very reminiscent of aerobic exercise, is not available to everyone. Beginners are advised to start with 10-20 repetitions of each exercise, and to begin with choose 4-5 basic exercises. In general, it is optimal for a beginner to start with loads, where the total number of movements in one workout does not exceed one hundred, which is ten times less than the number of repetitions of the author himself.

The main exercises of the Amosov complex?


  1. The first exercise resembles the bow pose in yoga. It is necessary to lie on your back and lower your straight legs behind your head, repeating this movement many times. For those who find this option difficult, there is a lighter version – lying with your head against the wall, touch the wall with your toes without putting your feet behind your head. This exercise is good for the spine and abdominal muscles.


  1. In a standing position, lean forward, trying to reach the floor with your fingers. Ideally, the legs should not bend at the knees, but at the stage of mastering the exercise, it is permissible to bend the legs at the knees in order to touch the floor with your fingers. This is a kind of lightweight version, which also resembles a yoga exercise – the stork pose. Such movements are the prevention of osteochondrosis and increase the flexibility of the spine.


  1. In order to improve the function of the shoulder joints and develop the muscles of the thoracic spine, it is necessary to perform rotational movements of the arms in a standing position. The amplitude of rotation comes from the shoulder joints.


  1. In a standing position, with a flat back, it is necessary to bend the body to the sides, while the arms slide up and down along the body. Such lateral tilts have a beneficial effect on increasing the flexibility of the spine.
  2. In a standing position, arms are raised, with further throwing of the palms behind the back in such a way as to, if possible, touch the opposite shoulder blade. In this case, the head is tilted forward at the same time. This exercise will improve the flexibility of the shoulder joints.
  3. In a standing position, with hands clasped at chest level, it is necessary to perform rotational movements of the body from left to right and from right to left, with a gradual increase in the amplitude of rotation. This exercise improves the flexibility of the spine.


  1. Alternately pulling the bent legs to the stomach in a standing position, which has a beneficial effect on the hip joints and stimulates bowel function.


  1. For this exercise, you need a stool, on which you need to lie on your stomach, fastening your legs to any object, a bed or chair will do, and in a similar position, you need to perform the maximum back deflection of the body.
  2. Perform squats from a standing position. As a support, you can use the back of a chair or other object.


  1. Push-ups are performed from a prone position, with all the emphasis on the elbow joints, their flexion and extension.

In addition to doing physical exercises, the academician also jogged 3 km a week and suggested reducing the calorie content of his diet in such a way that a natural balance is maintained between the energy entering and expended in the body, which, in short, can be summed up in words – eat less, move more and then you will be healthy! Amosov himself lived for 90 years, and during his life he fully proved the effectiveness of his own methodology, from his own experience.

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