Exercise in osteochondrosis: fitness prevention

Therapeutic fitness is used in osteochondrosis as a means of expanding intervertebral space and improving blood flow. Special exercises, relaxing the muscles, reduce the pressure on the cartilage discs and eliminate clamping of nerves and blood vessels. Therapeutic gymnastics can be used as a tool for prevention. Exercises consist of physiological movements: they are natural to the human body and do not require special physical training.

Medical fitness for cervical osteochondrosis

Prevention of cervical osteochondrosis is, first of all, the rejection of a sedentary lifestyle with a long stay in the same type of seated poses. Both for prophylaxis and for the relief of an already existing pathological condition, special gymnastics are used. It relaxes the muscles, reduces pressure on the nerve roots and improves blood circulation in the region of the cervical vertebrae.

To perform the first block of exercises, take a standing position:

  • Straighten up.

Feet set under the shoulders. Carefully and slowly, tilt your head to the side. Hold this pose for ten accounts. Tighten the neck muscles, as if resisting the pressure from below. If necessary, create real tension, gently pressing on the side of the head with a palm. Raise your head, straighten your neck. Do 15 repetitions right and left. Tilt your head alternately: first in one direction, then in the other direction.

  • Bow your head forward.

Move slowly and smoothly. Lock it in this position for ten seconds. Tighten the muscles of the neck in the same way as in the first exercise (you can put your hand on the forehead). Put your head back and hold it for ten seconds. Tighten the neck muscles. Help yourself with your palm by pressing the back of your head. Do 15 repetitions.

  • Turn your head to the side and stretch your chin to the shoulder.

Maintain voltage for ten seconds. Repeat the other way. Do 15 repetitions right and left.

  • Chin a numeric range from 0 to 10.

This exercise relaxes the neck muscles well. It is recommended to repeat it several times a day to reduce tension in the neck, shoulders and back. It can be done while sitting on a chair.

The second block of fitness exercises (prone position):

  • Lie on any horizontal surface. If it is a bed, then remove the pillow from under the head. Raise your head and count ten seconds. Gently lower it and lie down for five seconds. Make no more than 10 repetitions.
  • Turn on your side. Raise your head to parallel with the surface. Hold for ten accounts. Lower your head, relax. Do 10 repetitions, first on one, then on the other side.
  • Lie face up. Rush chin to the ceiling, stretch it up. At the point of maximum voltage, stop for ten seconds. Return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

Charging for the treatment and prevention of breast osteochondrosis

Thoracic osteochondrosis is manifested by pains in the chest and between the shoulder blades. The main cause of thoracic osteochondrosis, as well as cervical, is an increased load on the intervertebral discs. Excellent prevention of this disease – classes   fitness Useful light workouts during the day, morning exercises and special workouts to strengthen the muscles of the back and chest. Special fitness exercises can help reduce pain and osteochondrosis and stop the development of the disease:

  • Stand up straight, feet set shoulder width apart. Round your back, bringing your shoulders together and pulling your chin to your stomach. Stay in this position for ten seconds. Then gently bend back, keeping the shoulder blades and head thrown back. Hold on for ten seconds. Just do 10 repetitions.
  • Squeeze your hands into fists and put them in the back under the shoulder blades. Press down with your hands and at the same time bend backwards. Make a 10-second pause at the end point. Then, on the contrary, round your back, clasping yourself with your hands. Need to do 10 repetitions.
  • Put the feet together, arms down. Bend your torso to the side, as if trying to reach the knee with your hand. After ten seconds, straighten up and repeat the tilt in the other direction. Make a total of 20 slopes.
  • Take turns lifting your shoulders. After completing ten lifts each shoulder, lift both together, linger for 10 seconds. Do 10 repetitions.
  • Roll your shoulders back and forth – 10 times.

Fitness exercises for the lower back

Charging for the lumbar spine can be used both for prevention and for the treatment of osteochondrosis. Such fitness eliminates pain, strengthens muscles, expands the intervertebral space.

  • In a standing position, put your hands on your belt, spread your feet to shoulder width. Slowly lean the body forward as far as possible with a straight back. Do the same tilt back. Ten repetitions are enough.
  • Bend 10 times left and right. Work from the same starting position as in the first exercise. Try to bend more.
  • Stand with your knees and hands straight. In the back, do not bend over. Move your arms to the side so that your back is arched. Wait ten seconds. Repeat the other way. Norm – ten repetitions.
  • Lying on your back, bend your legs and put your feet on the floor. Stretch your elbow toward the opposite knee. Then do the same with the other elbow. Perform 10 times for each elbow.
  • Continuing to lie on your back, straighten your arms on the floor behind your head. Stretch. Hold in a stretched pose for ten accounts. Relax, repeat an arbitrary number of times.

All fitness exercises for treatment and   prophylaxis   osteochondrosis should be performed smoothly and without haste. If any exercise causes   pain means they need to be temporarily excluded from the complex. As you recover, you need to go back and check your reaction. At some point, these exercises will become painless, and they can be included in your program. It is allowed to start therapeutic gymnastics only if the pain was stopped and the acute phase of the disease has passed.

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