Osteochondrosis in old age

Care for an elderly person with osteochondrosis and osteoporosis should be comprehensive. It is these diseases that often occur together and give a person aged pain and discomfort. Osteochondrosis is a disease manifested in articular cartilage. Education can occur both in one part of the spine, and simultaneously in several. In any case, osteochondrosis is characterized by acute pain and discomfort. Such an ailment can overtake both young and old people. Medication is prescribed in combination with other methods. It is recommended to perform therapeutic exercises, massages, physiotherapy and exercise therapy. With any type of osteochondrosis, a course of chondroprotectors, vitamins and minerals is prescribed. The nutrition issue remains not without attention – a private pension for the elderly “Old age-joy” will provide a special diet according to the diagnosis and individual characteristics of the guests.

Of course, it is impossible to overcome this disease quickly enough, this will require a lot of work and following all the doctor’s recommendations. But if you do everything correctly, you can achieve a result and forget about many health problems.

What causes osteochondrosis? What are the main causes of the development of this disease in more detail:

  • A sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity;
  • The result of professional activity;
  • Weight lifting;
  • Overwork by physical exertion;
  • Regular sharp movements (flexion / extension of the limbs, turns / tilts of the body);
  • Climatic conditions with sharp changes in humidity and temperature.

The care complex includes:

  • rehabilitation;
  • regular medical examination;
  • physiotherapy;
  • therapeutic massages;
  • walks in the open air;
  • proper diet.

Each of the prescribed procedures within the framework of rehabilitation is carried out under the strict supervision of professionals working for several years in this direction. Entering the boarding house, each guest is plunged into a pleasant atmosphere, which sets up for a positive treatment. Thanks to professional support, an elderly person will get rid of the problem of osteochondrosis, improve the quality of life and overall health.

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