Means used for massage

For the prevention and treatment of various diseases, special ointments are used that have a positive effect on muscles and tissues due to the components they contain.

Anti-inflammatory ointments include aromatic oils, heparium , horse chestnut, arnica, essential oils, hyaluronidase Hyperemic ointments contain nicotinic acid, methyl salicylate , camphor, capsicin , snake, and also bee venom. They act on vasodilation and increase muscle blood flow.

Ointments are used to relieve pain, speed up the recovery of injured tissues and increase the temperature of the massaged muscles and tissues.

When working with athletes used ointment such as finalgon, dolpik Nikofleks venoruton et al ..

They contain active ingredients that are well absorbed through the skin and penetrate into the blood vessels.

In order to prevent and treat injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, anti-inflammatory and hyperemic ointments are used, which are used in combination with each other.

When applying ointments to the skin, one should not forget about the severity of injuries and the degree of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In acute injury only gels can be used in the first three days, and in the next few days should be combined hyper miruyuschie and anti-inflammatory ointment. First, a massage is performed using warming ointments, after which an anti-inflammatory ointment is applied, subsequently fixed with a bandage.

In the period of acute trauma, it is best to use gels, since they cool, but do not irritate the skin, and also relieve pain. To avoid hyperemia and additional trauma to damaged tissues, the gel should be tilted 

dmvat , not rub. After that, the damaged area should be wrapped with a thin plastic wrap and fixed with a soft bandage.

During the subsequent application of the gel, the remnants of the previous one must be removed with a cotton swab, and the injured area must be wiped with alcohol and, after 15-30 minutes, a bandage with gel must be applied.

On days 4-7, after the acute pain has been relieved, warming ointments are used during the massage.

For diseases and injuries associated with the musculoskeletal system, the ointment should be applied in a small amount, since the absorption process is slow. After a preliminary massage using a warming ointment, the absorption of the ointment is significantly increased. It is not recommended to apply it on the gel layer, because it forms a film through which the ointment cannot be absorbed.

In order for the ointments to be absorbed faster, they should be combined with various thermal compresses: a bandage moistened with hot water or alcohol should be applied to the ointment layer, wrapped with a thin plastic wrap and fixed with a soft bandage.

Special care should be taken when using compresses during injuries to the wrist, ankle and other joints, since they can aggravate the pain and burn the skin. A burn is also possible when using compresses with warming ointments, such as finalgon.

There are frequent cases of allergic reactions to warming ointments in athletes, they are expressed in skin redness, swelling, etc. In this regard, before using them, it is necessary to conduct a sensitivity test: a small amount of the ointment is rubbed into the skin. If, after a few hours, no changes are found on the skin, then it can be applied. Often, allergic reactions are observed in those athletes who have used some kind of ointment for a long period.

In the first three days after the injury, such gels are used as Hira-doid troksevazin -gel, opinogel etc ..

In the next four days, warming ointments ( kapsoderma dolpik nikof-leks ) are used in combination with anti-inflammatory ointments ( mobilat bru- fen, hirudoid ).

Clinically it established that, after application of warming ointments ( slonts reynevrol Nikofleks ) arises skin hyperemia. It is formed as a result of absorbed components and a mechanical factor.

The result of an increase in the rate of oxygen consumption by cells of injured tissues is a decrease in bbl and activation of the functions of the musculoskeletal system.

The active ingredients that make up the ointments have a calming and relaxing effect on the injured area. When using them, the terms of treatment are significantly reduced.

The anesthetic fluid consists of menthol, novocaine, anesthesin and alcohol. It is used for the following diseases: sciatica, myositis, as well as bruises and sprains sumochno -svyazochnogo apparatus. A small amount of liquid is applied to the injured area, then rubbed in with massaging movements.

Apizartron includes methyl l sal idilat, mustard oil, bee venom. It is used for myositis, neuralgia, bruises, radiculitis, etc. A small amount of ointment is applied to the affected area. After it has been absorbed, which occurs after 1-2 minutes, a massage is performed. Massage using the ointment is performed 1 to 3 times a day. If there is a great sensitivity to the drug, then the application should be started with the lowest dose (up to 1 g). In case of a normal reaction to the drug, the dose can be increased.

The composition of balsam ” Sanitas ” includes: methyl salicylate lemon balm and eucalyptus oils, camphor, lard or petroleum jelly, turpentine.

Bombenge is composed of menthol, petroleum jelly and methyl salicylate . Used like other similar ointments.

Venoruton gel is used for bruises, acute injuries, edema, thrombophlebitis, etc. It has a cooling effect, relaxes muscles, relieves pain. It is applied as follows: the gel is applied to the damaged area several times during the day and fixed with a ligament. When using Venoruton- gel, thermal procedures are contraindicated!

Vipratox consists of methyl salicylate , camphor, snake venom. It is indicated for diseases such as arthritis, periarthritis, as well as myositis, and damage to the ligamentous apparatus, bruises. First, the ointment is applied to the damaged area, and then massage is performed.

Viprosal includes salicylic acid, glycerin, paraffin, petroleum jelly, fir oil, camphor, gyurza poison. A small amount of ointment is applied to the painful area, after which a massage is performed.

The composition Virapina includes a large number of bee venom. The ointment is used for arthritis, radiculitis, myositis, bruises. A small amount of ointment is applied to the affected area, then massage is performed for 5-10 minutes.

Gemorid used yri hemorrhoids. The ointment consists of camphor, menthol, adrenaline, procaine and active substances.

1 g of Heparin ointment contains 200 conv . units heparin. Relieves swelling, resolves infiltrates, has an antiseptic effect. It is used for thrombophlebitis, lymphostasis , varicose veins, venous edema, leg ulcers, bruises and inflammatory processes. An ointment is applied to the painful area and fixed with a bandage.

Gimnastogal shown bronchitis, radiculitis, arthritis, lumbago, myositis, sprains and injuries sumochno -svyazochnogo apparatus and others. When applied to hard bronchitis cell region. The ointment has a good thermal effect. A little ointment is applied to the affected area, then massage is performed. At the end of the massage session, you should wash your hands with hot water.

Liquid Camphocin , which includes salicylic acid, pepper tincture, camphor, turpentine, castor oil, is used for bruises, sprains, myositis and arthritis.

Capsitrin consists of an ammonia solution, as well as tinctures of capsicum and averoboy . It is used to treat myositis, radiculitis, bruises, etc.

In, the composition of the Capsoderm ointment includes capsacin , camphor, active ingredients. It has been proven for sciatica, myositis, lumbago, rheumatoid arthritis, various muscle pains and sprains, and burites . A small amount of ointment is applied to the painful area and massage is performed. With excoriation, the use of capsoderm is contraindicated.

Lidocaine contains lidocaine and other active ingredients . It is used for injuries of the musculoskeletal system. For acute injuries, it is used repeatedly during the day. Ointment is applied to the painful place, then it is rubbed.

The pepper-camphor liniment consists of camphor alcohol and capsicum tincture. It is indicated for rubbing of diseased areas with bruises, radiculitis, myositis, as well as neuralgia.

Pepper liniment includes ammonia, capsicum tincture and green soap. It is used for the treatment of lumbago, myositis, radiculitis, bruises, etc. It is used for grinding diseased areas.

The composition of the massage oil ” Vesima ” contains components from medicinal herbs. It differs in types: B, M, I, P, Y, K. It is used as an anesthetic for various injuries and diseases. It is used as follows: a small amount of oil is applied to a sore spot, after which a massage is performed.

Mellivenone is composed of chloroform, bee venom and other active ingredients. It is indicated for bursitis, arthritis, myositis, osteochondrosis, muscle pain of various kinds, etc. The ointment is applied to the painful area, after which a massage is performed. After completing the massage session, you should wash your hands with hot water and soap. Melivenone should not be
used in the presence of abrasions on the skin, and contact with the ointment on the mucous membranes should also be avoided. Mellivenon is also used for ultrasound treatment.

Menthol ointment includes lanolin, menthol, methyl salicylate and yellow wax. It is used for muscle pain, arthritis, bruises, etc.

The composition Miauton includes oils, medicinal plants, the active components. The ointment activates blood circulation, has an antiseptic effect, relieves pain. There are several types of myoton : A, B, C. Myoton -B is used before a sporting event or upcoming physical activity. It warms up muscle tissue. Mioton- A is indicated after training or competition. Thanks to its warming properties, it relieves muscle tension. It is also used for restorative massage. For injuries of a different nature, inflammatory processes, Mioton- C is used . It is also used before both competitions and training. Avoid getting this ointment on mucous membranes and abrasions.

Methyl salicylate has an antiseptic effect, relieves pain, is used both in pure form and in a mixture with fatty oils and chloroform – for radiculitis, lumbago, myolitis .

Neftalgin is an analgesic emulsion that contains analgin, sperm whale fat acids, methyl salicylate , and naphthalan oil. It is used for bruises, sprains, radiculitis, etc.

Neo Capsiderm consists of camphor, oils and other ingredients. It is used mainly for various kinds of damage to the ligamentous apparatus, as well as bruises, myositis and lumbago. This ointment is used as follows: a small amount of it is applied to the diseased area, after which a massage session is performed.

Nicks includes heparinoid benzilnikotin and active components. It is indicated for hematomas, varicose veins, sprains and bruises. A small amount of ointment is applied to the sore spot, then massage is performed. You can use a bandage instead of massage.

Nikodan consists of heparin and active substances. It is indicated in chronic bronchitis, rheumatism, various muscle pains and sprains sumochno -svyazochnogo apparatus. First, a small amount of ointment is applied to the affected area, and then massage is performed. The massage session can be replaced with a bandage. Before using the ointment, it is necessary to test the sensitivity of the skin to this drug.

The composition of the sports cream Nikofleks include lavender oil, capsaicin etilnikotinad . It is used for various bruises, muscle pains, cramps, etc. A small amount of cream is applied to the affected area, then a massage is performed. Should renounce the use of Nikofleks with Qc-kariatsiyah skin.

Perkluzon is an analgesic ointment. It is used for bruises, sprains, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, lumbago, etc. When using the ointment for the treatment of these diseases, it is first applied to the painful area, and then fixed with a bandage. For other diseases, it is used to perform massage.

Picaril -liniment contains methyl salicylate ,
chroloform benzyl nicotine . It is indicated for injuries of the musculoskeletal system, radiculitis, myositis, etc. Before performing the massage, a small amount of ointment is applied to the affected area. The use of picaril for abrasions is contraindicated.

Raymond gel consists of active ingredients. It is used for sprains and bruises, rheumatic muscle pains, periarthritis, sciatica, etc. The gel is applied to the affected area and fixed with a bandage.

Reoneurol includes camphor, methyl salicylate and active substances. Recommended for sciatica, neuritis, radiculitis, etc. How to use: a small amount of ointment is applied to the skin, and then massage is performed.

Reparil-gel consists of heparin, horse chestnut, which help reduce pain. The active components of the gel quickly penetrate the skin and have a cooling effect, reduce the amount of accumulated water in the tissues and swelling, relieve pain and have a warming and antiseptic effect. The gel is used for various inflammatory processes, lymphostasis , edema. A small amount is applied to the painful area and fixed with a bandage. In case of acute trauma, it is necessary to apply the bandage with the gel repeatedly.

Richtofit- sport sports cream (Hungary) contains extracts of medicinal plants, oils and other active ingredients. When using the cream during massage, the effect of muscle relaxation, skin regeneration is achieved, and inflammation is also relieved. The cream is indicated for upgabs , sprains, myositis, myalgias , etc. It is applied to the injured area and rubbed in.

Troxevasin- gel consists of active components and has antiseptic and analgesic effects. It is used for post-rheumatic syndrome, venous insufficiency, edema. It is applied as follows: a small amount of gel is applied to a painful place and fixed with a bandage.

Finalgon comprises from 2.5% butoxyethyl ester of nicotinic acid and 0.4% vanillylamide nonylic acid. Recommended for arthritis, lumbago, neuritis, rheumatic pain in joints and muscles, circulatory disorders, radiculitis. The ointment is applied to the sore skin area and rubbed thoroughly. The application of the ointment should be started with minimal amounts. Do not use the ointment for hypersensitive skin. It is necessary to avoid getting the ointment on the mucous membranes and damaged skin areas, abrasions. At the end of the massage, you should thoroughly wash your hands with hot water and soap.

Elakur is an antirheumatic agent. It contains capsacin propylnicotinate methyl salicylate and other active ingredients that cause flushing of the skin. It is indicated for myositis, lumbago, arthritis and myogelosis . A small amount of ointment is applied to the injured skin area and massage is performed.

Efcamone contains methyl salicylate , clove and efcalipt oils, camphor, menthol and other ingredients. It has an analgesic effect and is used for bruises, lumbago, myositis and radiculitis. Method of application: apply a little ointment to the affected area and massage.

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