Exacerbation of osteochondrosis during pregnancy: how to help yourself

Carrying a child – a test for the female body. Against the background of the growing burden on the expectant mother, old diseases are aggravated, new illnesses appear. We will explain why osteochondrosis occurs during pregnancy and how it happens. From the article you will learn how to recognize the disease and relieve pain.

Causes and features of osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a disease that affects the discs and articular cartilages of the spine. It begins with a lack of synovial fluid – a thick lubricant that reduces friction and wear on the articular surfaces. Without sufficient moisture, cartilage loses elasticity, vertebrae abrade.

The pain occurs when the bones in contact are stronger, pinch the nerve endings. If the intervertebral discs squeeze the blood vessels, there is a feeling of numbness.

Exacerbation of osteochondrosis in pregnancy occurs, as a rule, in women who previously had back problems. Development of the disease contribute to:

metabolic disease;

lack of physical activity;

flat feet and / or bad posture;

a sharp increase in body weight.

If a woman has experienced back pain before pregnancy, she needs to consult a neurologist as soon as possible and undergo treatment if necessary.

Is the disease dangerous? Even moderate pains can poison life, let alone strong ones. The situation is complicated by the fact that a pregnant woman can take only certain analgesics and a short period. Even worse, when osteochondrosis adversely affects the functioning of internal organs, leads to a change in the shape and size of the pelvis. With such complications, childbirth is possible only by caesarean section.

Pregnancy and osteochondrosis: how to eliminate the disease

Depending on which part of the spine is affected, lumbar, thoracic and cervical osteochondrosis is distinguished. Most often, pregnant women have lower back pain, since these vertebrae have an increased load. With this osteochondrosis, the pain can be felt not only in the back, but also in the sacrum, legs.

If the thoracic vertebrae are affected, the condition worsens during deep breaths and bends. Cervical osteochondrosis during pregnancy is fraught with migraines, dizziness, visual impairment.

The disease at the initial stage can be painless.

To convict a woman should seizures, reduced sensitivity of the limbs, limited movements

Osteochondrosis of pregnant women is treated with non-drug method. Women are recommended to do exercise therapy, swimming, regularly walk in the fresh air. To reduce the load on the spine, the doctor may recommend a special support corset or bandage. For pains in the neck, you can make warm compresses based on herbal decoctions.

So, the diagnosis of “osteochondrosis” in some cases can cause delivery by cesarean section. To cope with the mild form of the disease help swimming and physical therapy.

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