Back pain during pregnancy and childbirth

Among pregnant women, the fear of back pain is extremely common. This unpleasant symptom can be a signal of the appearance of diseases such as osteochondrosis, herniated discs, etc.

Is it possible to prepare the spine for stress during pregnancy

Prevention of back pain should begin even before the conception of a child. If you decide that you want to become a mother, take the following steps in advance:

  • cure existing problems;
  • choose the right set of exercises for each of the trimesters of pregnancy;
  • reduce the load on your back, not only at work, but also at home.

If necessary, a pregnant woman can use orthopedic devices (primarily a bandage and a corset). Also, on the recommendation of a doctor, you should wear special shoes.

Do not panic if back pain still appears. It is necessary to turn to specialists, a doctor and a chiropractor. With timely intervention, unpleasant symptoms will quickly disappear. In general, pregnancy is a natural state for the female body, so the gradually increasing load on the spine associated with the growth of the fetus will not have a critical impact on the body.

As for childbirth, they usually occur naturally, the doctor can decide on a caesarean section only if there are serious indications. After the birth of the child, with normal recovery, back pain gradually disappears and the woman returns to her usual way of life.

Homework during pregnancy

Women who are expecting a baby are advised to do homework without straining their backs. To do this, you will have to follow several recommendations.

  • Use only a vacuum cleaner with a long handle.
  • Wash floors only with a mop).
  • Keep your back straight while ironing (you can use a high board for this).
  • Those who wash with their hands need to put the basin on a stand so as not to lean over it once again.

If discomfort in the spine still appears, you should not run to the pharmacy for medicines. Pregnant women are much more helped by a visit to a chiropractor, and for the fetus, this treatment option is more preferable.

Behavior after childbirth

When the baby arrives, the woman in labor will need some time to recover. During this period, a woman needs the help of loved ones. Only mother should not even carry a light baby so far. She must be supported by her husband and other relatives. During feeding, a woman should lean on a chair or chair with her entire spine. Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid overwork and the problems associated with it.

Lifting the child should be done without using the back muscles. To do this, stop bending over the crib. Sit down, take the newborn in your arms and press it to your chest, and then straighten your legs. So the spine will be in a relaxed position.

When moving with a child, you need to press him to you as tightly as possible. In this position, you will avoid unnecessary tilts and turns. It’s a good idea to buy a sling or carrier that is anatomically useful for both mom and baby.

When bathing, try to put the bath on a raised platform so as not to bend over. If this is not possible, sit on the floor using a towel or pillow as a seat.

Be sure to use the help of loved ones if you need to lower the stroller down the stairs. If the mother is forced to go down alone, you should first put on a semi-rigid corset and only then lift weights.


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